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Simple and fast makeup tricks to save time

tips para ritual de belleza para chicas flojas

Let's accept it: we have all had days when we simply are not able to follow our nightly ritual of complete beauty, or wash our hair. We have no energy to do it or it gives us a huge laziness.

That is why we present some incredible beauty tricks that will help you save time and get out of those heavy days in which you do not want to do anything.

1. Makeup remover on the side of the bed

makeup table kit at night table

Sleeping with makeup causes pimples and infections. When you arrive very tired, leave all the products on the side of the bed. This way you will not have the pretext of not cleaning your face before sleeping.

2. Hide a manicure that is growing with a little shine

glitter manicure

It is a nice and fast way to hide growth. Place it at the base of the nail to give it an effect ombré.

3. Use the dryer's cold air to save time

woman drying her face with dryer

If you are very impatient to wait for the base, moisturizer, lotion or sunscreen to dry before applying makeup, pass some cold air through your face and speed up the process.

4. Use the lipstick for everything

lipstick like blush

On those days you don't want to follow the beauty routine, you can use lipstick to give color to mouth, cheeks and eyes.

5. Learn this simple trick to outline and illuminate your face

gif face trick

To brighten the face, with a concealer two shades lighter than your skin, make a ‘3’ beginning above your forehead, the midline on the cheekbone and the bottom line above the jaw. For the contour you will do exactly the same with a concealer two darker tones, only that you draw it backwards. Blur the two tones and mix the lines to give a good finish.

6. If you like the eyeliner called 'cat', a cotton swab is your ally

eye outlined with cotonete

If you don't have good coordination, don't worry. After delineating, you can clean the edges with the cotton stick and some petroleum jelly.

7. Mascara as eyeliner

mascara and eyeliner brush

If the liquid eyeliner is finished, before running off to buy a new one, you can use a small brush on a small brush.

8. Brighten your look

nude eyeliner

Use a tone eyeliner nude on the inside of the lower eyelid so that your eyes look more awake.

9. Change your day makeup for a sophisticated look

outlined with cotonete

Just blur the outline to give it a touch smokey

10. When you can't wash your hair

girl applying dry shampoo

Just spray your roots with dry shampoo so that it absorbs all the natural oils in your hair.

11. If you only have grease on the front of the hair, separate that section and wash it in the sink

girl with a lock of hair

When you wash your hair daily it is more likely to produce more fat, so it is preferable to wash only the sections that need it,

12. Make your waves last longer

girl with hair curlers

Roll your hair in small curlers and apply a bit of fixative before going to bed to get defined waves while you sleep. When you wake up you will have a natural look.

13. Apply a moisturizing treatment to your feet at night

feet with socks

With a little petroleum jelly you can moisturize your feet while you sleep. After applying it, gently massage and place soft socks on top. The next morning your feet will thank you.

14. Hide the bags under your eyes

girl with tea bags in her eyes

To avoid that annoying swelling under the eyes, you just have to place a bag of cold green tea in each eye and leave it for 5 to 7 minutes.

15. Delineate and curl

eyelash curler with eyeliner

To save time, place eyeliner on top of the eyelash curler. You will have outlined and curly in a second.