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Side hairstyles – 18 designs that look great! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

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As we have said in previous articles, we recommend and maintain that it is often necessary and convenient that Change the way you comb your hair. Generally, we are used to having hair in the same way every day, regardless of the outfits we wear.

It is important to keep in mind that the clothes we wear, since hairstyles are often the perfect complements for each outfit. Generally we dress to go to work, to the faculty or to get together with friends, but simple, with nothing that stands out, but I can assure you that If you wear a nice hairstyle, nothing more is needed to see you splendid.

For some years now the hairstyles collected or with a little more dedication, are not used exclusively for a special occasion such as a date, birthday or a party.

Today, Women choose to have hairstyles with more preparation for their daily looks, regardless of the occasion. Occasionally it is used as a complement to all your clothes. Sometimes simple hairstyles make us look different and more arranged. That is why today We will give you 18 ideas to make them look amazing!

To achieve a surprising look, it is not necessary to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to make a complex and perfect hairstyle. Many times a simple hairstyle, with a braid, twisted or a chongo will make you look as if you had gone to the hairdresser to have that look.

The braids They are always the ideal allies regardless of the length of your hair. Have long or short hair, you can always make a braid so that your hairstyle looks different. You can implement glued braids, braids cooked on the side or braids on your bangs.

On the other hand, the chongos They are also a great idea when making a hairstyle. This hairstyle It is perfect if you have some tight clothing or you have to show off your shoulders or neckline.

Another great alternative and easy to do is the pigtail. You can choose two types of side ponytail, it can be a super pigtail formal and perfect (as you will see in the photo nº 17), but also, if you want to see yourself relaxed and more descontracturada, a "Messy" style ponytail It is indicated. To do this, make the same ponytail but at the end of it, remove it a little and beat (a little) the bottom of it.

A great tip to be able to keep your hairstyles for more hours is that apply some spray or gel fixative. But if you want your hairstyle to look decontracted and informal then do not use them, but at the time of making them you should not make them perfect and if you want to accentuate this style, after finishing the hairstyle, detach it a little.

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three-sided braid


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braids in bangs

Semi-picked braid crown

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low braided braided hairstyle

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side queue with twists
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easy side hairstyle



hairstyle picked up sideways

side hairstyle with braids stuck

Mohican with loose side hair

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low side ponytail

sideway hairstyle

loose hair with side parting