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Short haircuts 2020 trends and more than 60 photos

Short haircuts 2020 trends and more than 60 photos

Wearing short hair is one of the most important trends for this 2020. If you are determined or used to using short hair, you must go with a lot of confidence to be able to take advantage of the best of short haircuts: style, personality and elegance . Here we show you the best short haircuts 2020.

Short haircuts

However, we should not decide our look only by following fashion, we must take into account the texture of our hair, our facial features and our personality.


One of the most used short haircuts is the pixie cut. Although it is very popular, it adapts oval faces or very feminine and fine features. If you are one of the lucky ones, do not hesitate to use this cut.

Another one of the pixies that is increasingly popular, is to take it very short but long at the top. Besides being very stylish, they are perfect if you are looking to play with your hair and achieve different hairstyles every day. It is perfect for both straight hair and wavy hair.

Women in current fashion are increasingly daring and play with styles that were previously unthinkable, so that short haircuts become increasingly popular and can be seen showing trend for 2020, while talking to us of women very sure of themselves, who are capable of everything by achieving a distinguished look.


Another trend in short hair are the cuts very low and with many layers, garçon style. They are male cuts, but they look great on women with a very feminine face. The idea is to achieve a cut that plays with the lengths of layers, which gives the possibility to choose where you want the longest and shortest hair.

In summer we always love practical and fashionable hair. One of the ways to achieve this is to wear short hair. It is fashionable more than ever and it is very practical, because when you are on vacation you will not have to make a lot of effort in your hairstyle and by the time autumn arrives the damage due to pollutants from pool chlorine, sea salt and sun will be less.

Short bob

If you were thinking of making a cut, as a way of renewal, showing airs of change and desire to start something new, then we invite you to take a look at the Bob style cut, which will continue to be trend next year, which is characterized by being very versatile and having no age boundaries.

Reportedly, this hairstyle was implanted by women who during the war had to work in factories and wanted to take care of their hair, but in turn avoid problems with getting hooked on machines. After the war, the trend disappeared, but then thanks to famous people, it was implanted cyclically in the streets around the world.

You can see a work in layers, of scalps that do not exceed the length of the neck and that are generally longer at the top of the head and sometimes on the sides, but that at the back of the head, is cut until Almost not be combinable.

As we just mentioned, the volume takes special relevance to the sides and above. The vast majority opt for smooth smooth, while others prefer gentle disheveled waves, which add a little distortion.

But as not every day of the week you will want to wear the same hairstyle, then we will see some variants, without having to put the scissors in between. The first is to take the longest part of the hair and instead of crossing it to the opposite side, leave it on its own side and give it a smooth curve. The second can be, do that on both sides, giving outward or backward curves and in the middle look with the shortest layers, make a straight bangs to the eyebrows.

Midi bob

This type of cuts can make magic with your face, since of all short styles it is the most adaptable to all types of hair textures. Also before deciding, you should analyze well how you get along with the shape of the face and texture of hair, not all people favor them equally.

They are also a type of cut that reflects a great sensuality and sex appeal, since they create a striking and suggestive look, regardless of the style that is adopted within this type of proposals. And as if all this were not enough, it gives us a lot of versatility, freshness and, above all, a lot of comfort, since with a midi cut we will not need to dedicate so much time to the care of our hair or its hairstyle.


Both a young girl and a more adult woman can wear short carré-style hair. Whether very straight and not so short, this is a style that you can also undulate and not only at the tips, and wear it slightly disheveled.

Girls with straight hair can choose a variety of styles. Above all you can take it to the natural, totally straight and when you feel like it you undulate it as in the image above. Today's most successful looks are those that look disheveled and a basic carré cut in that regard will suffice.

The versatility that this type of cut has to offer, is what will put it on the fashion podium, since it looks perfect for both formal and casual occasions. The cuts can also be chosen in lengths to the shoulder or chin.


If you are looking for a totally new and versatile style, the incorporation of layers is a great option. Banish the appearance of split ends and increase the volume of your hair, it is very simple through graduation. Asymmetries are a solution to add glamor to the hair. Place irregular sections in the crown area to inject some volume into the hairstyle.

This cut is becoming more popular. The choppy layers throughout the hair help emphasize the texture and create a messy style. You can comb your hair with products to define the layers. Women with female facial features can choose this style and they will look fabulous.


Asymmetric short hair is very interesting and with a lot of presence. It is cut shorter on one side and gradually longer towards the other side. It also looks great with a bangs. There is a wide variety of asymmetric cuts, you can choose the one that best matches your facial features and personality.

They give us the possibility of being original and we can give it the way we want. With an asymmetric cut there are no rules.


The blunt cut creates a very avant-garde look that will make you stand out. It is one of the most striking cuts. This cut looks great with a side bangs.

With bangs

Do not forget the great trend of the season, and choose a bangs that you can wear on the forehead or to the side. It is a very versatile style that will appeal to all who want to spend little time on the hairstyle.