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Short hair with volume and long bangs

Raffel Pages Awaken

If you thought we had forgotten you, you are wrong: men always have space in active beauty, you know, so today We present the trends for this autumn-winter of male hairstyles.

As you will see, the trend of this season is the short-long. That is to say: the hair is short, with clear neck, and with a long measurequite long over head and bangs. This length is the that will allow you to change your look just by combing it in one way or another.

You dare?

Same as females, the masculine look for this autumn-winter is inspired by the 50s and 60s and in the hair that the stars of Hollywood and the singers of the time. Come on, come back James Dean and Marlon Brando (good!).

The bangs lengthen until almost reaching the chin, but do not cover the face, but show on one side of it or hairstyles back with or without toupee, especially the smooth ones.


In the case of curly hair waves riot over the forehead providing volume and falling carelessly. But carelessness does not mean disheveled or disheveled: it takes a refined look, both in his facet as a gentlemanly man as in that of a bad boy.

In fact, it's about power move from one to another just by changing the way you comb your hair. How to get it? With finishing and fixing products (styling), plates, tongs, etc.

Schwarzkopf 60’s Twist

The important thing, as always, is the cut: The nape they show up shaved, to increase the contrast with the top of the headwhere the hair stays long. The cut is usually done in layers, that is, leaving the upper layers longer than the lower ones, to mark this difference even more.

Y Do not forget to make the line. Aside. This season is essential.

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