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Short hair balayage wicks – 8 very nice ideas! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Mechas balayage pelo corto 3

One of the most successful techniques of the moment are the wicks
balayage However, some women who have short hair doubt the
Excellence of this technique in hair. Therefore, it is beneficial to have some
beautiful proposals Wicks balayage short hair. Those
Ideas can be very helpful for a lot of women.

Meet the best wicks hairstyles
short hair balayage that are in fashion

The technique of French origin known as "balayage" has
He had an impressive worldwide coverage. Women with different kinds of hair have been able to benefit from the attractiveness of
this style.
In fact, short hair is not an impediment to look
This type of elaborate and technical professionals.

The proposals of wicks balayage short hair they're so
varied that can satisfy the tastes of each person. These wicks
brighten and give visual volume to the hair so that it can look much better
With a summer essence. The gradient that is achieved with a good balayage
elaborately attracts attention in a positive and inevitable way.

Half mane

The half-length cut is an ideal look to wear the
balayage wicks This cut is generally located at a height higher than that of
shoulders. The style of the balayage is
can adapt
easily at this intermediate length of hair. The
personality that is achieved with a professional technique of this type is

On the other hand, women who let their growth grow half mane with balayage don't need
a lot of maintenance

Wicks balayage short hair 1

Ash blond

Balayage is a technique that can be applied with a tone
ash blonde This type of color looks much better in people with a skin
clear. Therefore, it is important to note that not all women should opt
for this specific style of balayage. However, each person is in the
freedom to decide what shades you will use in your Wicks balayage short hair.

Wicks balayage short hair 2


The chocolate color is a tone that stands out positively in
the vast majority of skin tones. Therefore, it is understandable that
This color is one of the most used in the technique of balayage. Short hair can have an appearance
with the correct application of that French technique.

Wicks balayage short hair 3


The pixie cut is one of the hair styles that it has
shorter length Despite this, this cut does not prevent the person from looking
excellently the balayage. In addition to transmitting a risky personality, pixie cut with balayage attracts

Wicks balayage short hair 4


The bob cut can be used on women with hair
straight, wavy or curly. This type of cut also adapts in a good way
to various techniques. Balayage is one of the techniques that looks fantastic on
people with a bob cut. Therefore, it is correct to state that hair length is not a problem for
this french technique

Wicks balayage short hair 5


Gray tones are truly modern proposals and
risky for wicks balayage hair
These colors provide a very advantageous youthful appearance. For that
reason, the gray color is considered an excellent option when trying the
luminous degradation of the balayage. Short hair will attract attention with a
technique that uses the gray color well.

Wicks balayage short hair 6


The caramel color mixed with brown tones is perfect
for the person who wishes to use the balayage technique for the first time. Is
proposal is not so risky compared to others and adapts well to
different skin tones. The wicks will look
Fantastic with bright tones that add volume.

Wicks balayage short hair 7


The color red is a
risky option to use the balayage.
However, that tone is very
Modern and can be softened, according to the preferences of each person. The
Reddish tones can be mixed with brown tones or with the color black.

Wicks balayage short hair 8

Reasons to do your hairstyle
wicks balayage short hair?

Women who want to experience a change of look with the
subtle transformation of your hair
They should choose the balayage. Is
French technique has positive aspects that become valid reasons
to use it

  1. The balayage in short hair provides a
    Natural, summery and luminous essence.
  2. The technique does not require monthly touch-ups
    for maintaining style.
  3. The wicks balayage short hair are not