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She is beautiful, has style and has made this her way of life as Trendy Taste, her alter ego blogger. We tell you how Natalia's visit to our classroom was.

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Natalia is one of our favorite clients for many years, an earthquake that transmits energy and good vibes in its path. He works in the world of fashion, so he is up to date in terms of styles and trends and receiving it is always a “challenge” for us. Most of the time he only looks for slight touch-ups … but others, as on this occasion, asks us for different and riskier things.

A few weeks ago, we created for her the "MadRoom Wicks", a combination of two of the most demanding coloring techniques: balayage and baby lights.

The Balayage began as a coloring technique to sweep the color without being as aggressive as a complete discoloration, and has evolved to become a lighting technique that due to its form of application and because it can be combined with other techniques, allows it Be very personalized and natural.

Baby lights, meanwhile, are a new trend that has ended up unseating Californians. They are fine and abundant wicks, which fill the mane of two or three tones (since at least 2 tones are usually combined with each other) for a finish very similar to that of hair dye but without its disadvantages.

Thus, taking the best of each of these techniques, we get a fresher and more natural result, in contrast to the traditional Californians that I had before. Brightness, volume, delicacy and linked and harmonious tones. You can learn more about Natalia's MadRoom experience by visiting the post she dedicated to us on her blog, Trendy Taste. Thank you very much for your visit, beautiful!

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