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Shampoo MATIZADOR Are they good? know advantages and disadvantages 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

3 frascos de shampoo matizador

When we don't color the hair, it is very important to follow up and care for our hair and the dye that we have not applied, to have a better quality of shine and lengthen the permanence of the dye in our hair, a shampoo tint is the number one option, for this type of cases, although there are people who omit the use of a shaker. We'll see 5 reasons to use a shading shampoo in our hair either dyed or natural.

1: Gives hair shine

If you use a shading shampoo this will help you shine your hair, likewise avoid unwanted colors, for example if you dye your hair blonde and it looks orange, apart from the shading cream, a shampoo will help you maintain that color blond, moving away to orange.

2: Lengthen the life of the dye

If you have used a dye in your hair, a shampoo shading will help lengthen the hue you have acquired, since that is the main reason for this Shampoo.

3 bottles of shampoo matizador

3: A color bath

Depending on the type of color you have or that you have applied, this shampoo can be taken as a color bath, for the hair … simply applying it but it is very important to consult a stylist before doing so.

4: Generate more volume and life

Since it contains vitamins such as A and cream-based products, the shampoo matizador helps to give better volume to the hair without entangling it, everything will depend on the brand you buy.

5: It is not toxic to hair

It is not toxic to the hair, since it is not a product with high amounts of chemicals, such as the tempting you applied the first time.

Remember that before using a tint, it is highly recommended to consult a stylist to give you a shade and you can buy the right one!