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Secrets of Audrey Hepburn to look amazing and slim

Secretos de Audrey Hepburn para mantenerse delgada y lucir increíble

One of Hollywood's biggest stars and inspiration for many women across the globe was Audrey Hepburn, who is an important icon of beauty, style and elegance because she always looked flawless. But many are unaware that the famous actress suffered from hunger, malnutrition, anemia, asthma and lung problems, in addition to a severe depression that took years to overcome. This happened during World War II, when Audrey was just a child, a fact that would mark her life forever, and one of the factors that determined her slender complexion, in addition to her healthy and balanced diet.

Recently, thanks to a book written by his youngest son, Luca Dotti, entitled Audrey at Home. Memories of My Mother’s Kitchen (Audrey at home. Memories of my mother in the kitchen), All the secrets of the diva to maintain a healthy and slim body have come to light.

Simple and balanced meal

audrey hepburn

The actress never made a specific diet, however, once a month she performed a fast to detoxify, which consisted of a striped apple and natural yogurt.

His diet was simple and healthy, he never skipped breakfast, which he considered the most important meal of the day. It started with a whole wheat bread with ham; at lunch he ate lean meat or pasta with fresh vegetables from his own garden, and for dinner he used to have chicken soup with vegetables or smoked salmon with baked potatoes.

He cheated from time to time

audrey hepburn in the kitchen

At night, Audrey allowed herself to eat an ounce of chocolate after dinner or some chocolate dessert. The actress had her favorite food: spaghetti with tomato that she prepared at home every week.

His pasta was going crazy. Mom had a serious addiction for them. I couldn't be without them.

I loved to walk

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According to his partner, Robert Wolders, with whom he had a relationship from 1980 to 1993, the year of his death, Hepburn ate a lot of cereals, little meat and a little of everything. In addition, they shared the passion of taking long walks together.

She had a healthy metabolism and was not of excesses.

He never skipped the first meal of the day

audrey hepburn

In the book, Luca details how her mother gave a lot of importance to take a full menu based on low-calorie and protein-rich healthy foods early in the day. She never forgot to do it, even when she had to show up at the set of filming very early; then he would get up at four or five in the morning to give him time to have breakfast, get rid of his nerves and have a look impeccable.

He had his own garden

audrey hepburn in the kitchen

She was always a disciplined woman in her diet. Far from the image of a stylized and elegant girl or being the muse of designers and fashionistas, at home she was a normal woman who liked to grow her own food.

In a way, I always remember my mother as a person who had a farmer in her heart. He was very happy to put his hands on the ground and work in his garden. She felt full with the real things in life.

A jewel

audrey hepburn in the kitchen

This incredible book contains, in addition to unpublished photographs of the career and life of the actress, from her humble childhood in Holland to the dream life in Rome, some family recipes written with the handwriting and lyrics of Hepburn.

According to Dotti, most of the dishes are simple to make, but this book is written for fans of the actress, rather than for those looking for recipes.

It will be a treasure for Hepburn lovers.