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Scar alopecia: causes and solutions

Scar alopecia: causes and solutions

As we have already mentioned in the article that we previously published about the causes of alopecia, the different types of this hair problem fall into two large groups: scarring and non-healing alopecia. Depending on each type of alopecia, we recommend a hair solution or another. In this article we will focus on solutions for scar alopecia.

What is scar alopecia and what are its causes

Scar alopecia is a type of alopecia that causes irreversible hair loss because it causes damage to the hair and sebaceous follicle, this area heals and prevents hair from growing again.

Within this type of alopecia we find alopecia caused by burns and physiochemical agents, infections (fungal, viral, bacterial, etc.), dermatosis, decalvating clinical syndromes such as fibrosing frontal alopecia or other alopecia such as tumors or those caused by inherited diseases.

It usually manifests with progressive hair loss and may be accompanied by discomfort such as itching and burning.

Solutions for scar alopecia

As we have already mentioned, scar alopecia, whatever its cause, is a type of irreversible alopecia in which the follicle is damaged, therefore, no hair treatment can cause hair to grow back in the affected area. Instead, the hair treatments Yes, they will be effective in curbing the problem in other areas where the problem is not yet irreversible.

The best solution for advanced scarring alopecia are hair prostheses and especially custom hair prostheses such as those we handmade in Beltrán Centers since these will allow you to hide only the damaged part if it is a small area. On the other hand, prostheses of different sizes can also be manufactured to the complete prosthesis to cover the entire head if the affected area is very large.

Hair prostheses are the best option because, unlike conventional wigs, they will allow you to live a completely normal life. They are held with adhesives (and not with rubber bands like wigs) so you can wear it for up to 15 days and you only have to take it off for maintenance. You can even sleep, go to work or play sports with her on. They are also totally undetectable. Neither you will notice nor anyone will notice that you are wearing it!

And as always we advise, before the minimum symptom of a hair problem it is best to go to a professional as soon as possible to determine the causes and the best solution. If you have any questions, contact us!