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Return to the fashion scene cortes bowl ’haircuts

La última tendencia en cortes de cabello incluye el regreso del estilo 'bowl'

After the South African actress Charlize Theron uploaded a photo to her Instagram account showing her typical haircut bowl, the style that has a cyclical life and resurfaced in the summer took more strength to become one of the darlings in the fall.

Also known as carré boule Due to its French origin, this ball-shaped cut reappears from time to time in a versatile way to frame oval, rectangular or square faces – not round ones. We present 10 ways to wear it straight or tousled so that your stylist is better inspired.

Simply chic

woman in blue and white blouse with brown 'bowl' cut

With some long highlights and color

a woman with a 'bowl' cut in purple and pink with long highlights

Platinum trending

two women with 'bowl' cut in platinum hair walk down a street with a building in the background

They all like

Zendaya with a 'bowl' cut in blonde

As informal as you want

a woman with a 'bowl' cut in purple cuts the hair of another woman with pink hair on a sidewalk

Or elegant as you imagine

a woman dressed in gold from behind turns with a dark brown bowl cut

In classic blonde

profile face of a blonde woman with 'bowl' cut

Dark to highlight your features

Rihanna with a 'bowl' cut in dark brown

Casual but arranged

a woman in a beige blouse and long gold bowl-cut earrings

Collected for a change

a rented woman with a table in the back street with a semi-collected 'bowl' cut