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Remove the gel manicure at home and without damaging your nails

Así es como puedes retirar en casa las uñas de gel

If you are one of the girls who love gel manicures and who indulge your expert hands while you only enjoy the process, I have something special for you.

It is no secret that many times we find ourselves in the need to remove the gel ourselves and many times we do not do it well, and for this reason I share the process of how your natural nails will thank you and, best of all , you will not fail in the attempt.

File the first coat of enamel

Girl filing her nails

The first step of all is to file the first layer of enamel. It is very important that you file superficially; By this I mean that you do not get to your nail, because if you do you can hurt yourself; For this, a hard file is necessary, this will help create porosity in the enamel and acetone can be impregnated to help remove the color.

Apply protector to cuticles

Girl applying cuticle oil

Once you have broken the top coat of the enamel, the next thing is to apply generously petroleum jelly, cream or oil for cuticles in said area, so that this area does not dry out because of what comes next.

Wet cotton with acetone

Girl applying cotton with acetone on her nails

For the next step you need pure acetone and cotton balls. It is better to use pure and non-conventional acetone, since it does not have the same properties and it is more complicated to carry out the process.

Apply aluminum foil to the nails

Fingers with aluminum foil

Once you have wet the cotton with acetone, place a ball on each nail and then cover each finger with a piece of aluminum foil, preferably the shiny part that is in contact with the cotton.

Wait and remove

Girl removing gel coat from nails

This part is the longest but also the most important. Let the acetone act on the gel of your nails for 15 or 20 minutes; after that, remove the gel with an orange or wooden stick.

Remove the remaining color

Girl filing her nails

This is only in case there are traces of enamel and you will do it with a much less hard file. File delicately until the color is removed and voila, your nail will be clean.

Nourish your nails

Girl applying cuticle oil

Finally, what you should do is wash your hands to remove any acetone residue and moisturize your hands, both the skin and the cuticle, so we recommend that you use cream and cuticle oil.