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Purple masks to tint blonde hair at home

Purple masks to tint blonde hair at home

Some factors that wear blonde hair dye They are exposure to the sun and chlorine, daily washing or simply the passage of time. This can make the color turn into an unpleasant greenish or “chicken” yellow hue, a far cry from the blonde look we desire. For this to never happen to you, you must choose the shampoo according to your hair type, in addition to applying treatments and masks to shade the hair.

It is recommended to do it with a professional in colorimetry to take care of the state of the hair fibers, but since in these quarantine times it is impossible to carry it out, we teach you how to achieve this with natural masks and accessible products.


Let's start with home remedies that are ultra-effective and slightly milder than professional treatments. For them, you are going to need some ingredients from your kitchen:

Blackberry mask for damaged hair

Add a cup of blueberries, a egg and 100 ml of beer without alcohol. Process very well until a homogeneous puree is obtained, apply after the conditioner and leave to act for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and detangle your hair with a styling cream.