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Princess feet

Princess feet

Yes, they begin to look mistreated, with corns, blisters, wounds and / or dryness. Here the solution! Follow these wise tips to the letter and I assure you that you will get again those healthy and beautiful feet that both characterize a princess like you.

Opt for more comfortable shoes

We know, there is nothing cooler than wearing super high shoes that, in addition to stylizing your figure, make you look ultra fashionista, however, wearing them all the time is nothing healthy for your feet. Inappropriate footwear can cause you serious injuries, pains and deformations, which is why, although you dislike it in a way, you should try to wear shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet, serve as a support and make them feel more comforting in the day to day.

Face the blisters

There is nothing more annoying than having one of these bags filled with liquid due to some friction or pressure on your feet. eye! The blisters are not only uncomfortable and painful, they also need special care to avoid any more serious infection, so take note … If they are small, do not touch them, avoid shoes that squeeze them and wear a band-aid in the area. If they are medium, it is best to open them, obviously with some 100% sterile element, to remove the liquid and make healing faster. Never ever take off your skin! Wash the area with soap and water, and finally apply an antibiotic cream.