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Power your tan from within

Power your tan from within

Surely you've heard of the nutritional supplements that help you tan but did you know that you can also do it with natural ingredients?

The first step to have a healthy skin is to take care of it from inside. Our feeding It is essential to maintain great skin and now, in summer, we must have it in perfect condition more than ever before if we want sunbathe.

These foods will not only help you have a more intense tan and beautiful, but they will also make you healthier and some of them, even if they do not potentiate the effect of the sun, will give you hydration, elasticity, regenerative properties and protection against ultraviolet rays.

The first step: water

The most basic thing when preparing the skin for tanning is to drink a lot Water. Water we moisturizes inside and out and the consequences of exposing dry skin to the sun can be fatal.

Beta-carotene giants: carrot, sweet potato, bell pepper and spinach

These vegetables are very rich in beta carotene, one of our main sources of Vitamin A. This chemical compound gives warmth to the skin and raises the pigmentation, so it is perfect to give the skin the little push it needs to tan.

Melon galia

What is more summery than melon and watermelon? The melon galia It is the perfect snack. 90% of its composition is Water, which makes it a very food moisturizing. In addition, it is also very rich in beta carotene Y vitamins A and C, which with its properties antioxidants They help us prevent skin aging and sun damage.

Peach and apricot

The peach and the apricot They are a perfect food for summer. Ingesting them protects your skin from the damage of ultraviolet rays and its high content in beta carotene, Like carrots, it improves pigmentation and increases the effect of tanning. These fruits are also rich in alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). Alpha hydroxy acids favor the generation of collagen and help hydrate the skin and eliminate aging caused by sun exposure.


The tomato, besides containing caroteinoids, is very rich in vitamins of various groups and has properties antioxidants. The best thing is that it is one of the few foods it provides brightness to your skin, so now you have an extra reason to enjoy gazpacho this summer.


By now you will have heard of the famous kale or kale. It is what is called a superfood, and it is also for the skin since its high content in Vitamin A It prevents your illnesses and helps repair dry or damaged areas. It is also rich in vitamin K, which relieves discoloration (especially under the eyes) and vitamin C, which prevents sun damage and is an antioxidant.


The pineapple, the food diuretic par excellence, it is also a great ally for your skin. His high levels of Vitamin A Y C they help the formation process of collagen and ensure that your skin looks younger and radiant.


The mango it is the fruit that more Vitamin A It contains and therefore has high properties anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, antioxidants , healing and of pigmentation, so it helps the Sun tanning.


The lemon, Like all citrus fruits, is rich in vitamin C (antioxidant and protective against sun damage) and alpha hydroxy acids. But there is something in which he surpasses his brothers, and it is his concentration of Vitamin A, which helps the production of melanin.


The egg has effects regenerative for your skin, which makes them a perfect food if you want to hide scars or have very damaged skin. The yolks they have a high content in Vitamin A and, like lemon, they stimulate your production of melanin.


Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants… The berries they are highly food antioxidants, and will be your best allies both to prevent aging of the skin as to rid it of toxins. Despite its small size, its consumption helps a lot to have a nourished skin and its high content in anthocyanin, the pigment that gives them their characteristic colors, strengthens the fibers of the collagen of your skin

White cheese

The White cheese is rich in selenium, that helps protect us from Burns and acts against the free radicals of the skin.

Olive oil

There are more and more cosmetic products with the olive oil as the main ingredient, and it is not surprising since in addition to being a wonderful food for exfoliate Y clean pores and contribute hydration to the skin, it is also a powerful antioxidant.

Dark chocolate

A small piece of dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants and its flavonoids They help metabolize the chemicals needed to make your skin more hydrated and soft.


The omega 3 acids that abound in the Salmon They will help you have a silky smooth skin. These beneficial acids, also present in oil and other fish, hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation Y redness In addition to playing a key role in preventing acne.


The almonds they have properties anti-inflammatory and therefore they are an indispensable food when they want to reduce redness Y acne. With its high content in Omega 3, Vitamin E Y magnesium It is a reducing agent stress and the damage it causes on the skin.


The nettle It is a great plant full of benefits. It has properties anti-inflammatory Y detoxifiers Although it is a bit of fatigue to think about eating it, prepare them in tea or Soup will boost your plans detox

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