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Pictures of Decorated Nails 2020 – Designs, Models and Colors of Nails

Pictures of Decorated Nails 2020 - Designs, Models and Colors of Nails

Pictures of Decorated Nails 2020 – Designs, Models and Colors of Nails. The hands say a lot about a person and we want to show you different ways of wearing neat and pretty nails with the best Decorated nail designs and models. We review the most important types of nails: gel nails, acrylic nails, porcelain nails, false nails, vintage nails and pointed nails.

Not forgetting the trendy colors of this 2020, the latest trends in colored nails are: french manicure (it never gets old-fashioned), matte nails, red, pink, black, animal print, gold, silver, mirror effect, blue, with flowers, coral, gray, marine, green, beige, orange and many more. Join us and discover all the fashionable nails of this 2020!

2020 Nail Models

Every year the nail art designs and the latest trends in colors are changing depending on the fashion that marks the United States. At that time it begins to reach all countries of the world.

Let's start the article with the 2020 nail models so that you go thinking which of them you want to take according to your taste, we will see false nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, porcelain nails, vintage nails and pointed nails, Which one do you like the most?

Acrylic Nails 2020

The acrylic nails They are a model of nails widely used for their duration, that is, for a while we will wear the perfect nails, in addition their maintenance does not cost much.

The only problem that you can find is the fact of placing the nails, it is a bit complicated so we recommend you go to a specialized nail center.

How to make acrylic nails step by step

In the case of wanting to do them on your own, you will need a special “kit” to make this type of manicure and follow these steps:

Apply a small portion of cuticle fluid directly to the client's cuticle.

Push the cuticles With a cuticle pusher.

Clean the nail with a liquid to clean nails, moistening a compress.

Eliminates the natural shine of the nail using a lime to see if there is no shine even on the sides.

Removes dust With a brush or brush.

Apply the product To clean the nail on the natural nail with a spray and let it evaporate. And let it dry well.

Select the size of the tips for each finger, apply a little glue to the contact area of ​​the tip and placed in front of the nail at an angle of 45 °, place the tip on the nail without raising your hand and press for a few seconds Make sure there are no air bubbles left.

Cut all the tips with the tip cutter defining the size you want, and file its surface until the tip is invisible, being careful not to tear it. With the utmost care not to damage the natural nail. Or you can use molds to replace the tips

Apply the primer to natural nails and tip and leave your hands under the lamp so that the nails dry for 30 seconds.

In a glass cup place the acrylic liquid

Soak the brush in the liquid, remove excess with the help of glass, then clean it with a towel or a piece of paper to absorb it better.

Pass the tip of the wet brush in the acrylic powder to make a ball.

Apply the acrylic on the nail and shape it.

Repeat this procedure until the nail is complete.

After a few seconds, you can File the nail to give it the desired shape.

Remove dust with a brush.

Apply the gel so that a nail can shine. Let it dry for 4 minutes.

Remove the remains with the cleaning solution.

Hydrates the cuticles with cuticle oil.

Now, to see many acrylic nail designs Among those who have many different colors and shapes, we want to leave this gallery full of ideas so you can choose the one you like best.

To see them Acrylic Nails full with styles and colors click on the following link:

Gel nails 2020

The most comfortable and manageable nail model is that of the Gel nails. This is because they are manufactured with gel oligomer and this also makes it take care of the skin and nails.

This is why the most commonly used false nails are the Gel nails, In addition to being able to wear all styles and colors as they favor a lot.

How to make gel nails step by step

Nails decorated gel nails

The Gel nails can be a great option if you want strong, beautiful, bright and large nails. Check below which products are used for the procedure and how it is performed:


  • Dehydrator
  • Primer;
  • Ultraviolet light machine;
  • Nail Extenders (optional);
  • Gel.

Way to do

Apply the dehydrator, which serves to remove the fat from the nail;

Then apply the primer, to avoid lifting the nail and that possible fungi appear;

Apply a base gel layer;

The gel must be dried with the UV light machine;

By last, The nail has to be built with a thicker layer of gel.

The procedure mentioned above is performed in salons specialized in gel nails. It is also possible that the procedure is done at home, taking into account especially that some brands that already offer kits for you to make nail polish yourself.

And for you to be inspired and you can see all the gel nail styles you just have to click on this gallery.

To see them Gel nails full with styles and colors click on the following link:

Porcelain Nails 2020

Although the porcelain nails They are sensitive and can be easily broken by being made of fiberglass, this makes them thin.

But they look very natural and elegant, that's why many women wear them. But every so often they have to be filled with a mass of nails because as they grow they are hollow.

How to make porcelain nails step by step

Porcelain nails are really laborious and They require professional hands to get a good result. Anyway, if you like nail decoration and being able to wear the manicure that you like the most you can try Make some porcelain nails step by step as we explain now.

Start by cleaning your nails with gel alcohol, a product that ensures that porcelain nails will be applied correctly.

Using a spatula, remove the cuticles from the nails. The more space in the nail, the better the porcelain will be applied.

With a sandpaper removes grease and the shine of the nails. If the shine is not completely removed, the lengthening of the porcelain nails will not last long.

Now you can rub alcohol 70 on your nails to remove any oil and shine. This ensures that the porcelain nail will be properly fixed to the natural nail.

Cut the sides of the tips so that they fit more easily to the nail.

If you have difficulties to stick the tips, A very good secret is to spend a lot of glue. The more glue you have on the tips, the easier it will be to sand the porcelain nail and irregular that "step."

Pressing lightly from top to bottom to not create air, stick the tips to the nails. Apply to the tips on natural nails

With the tip cutter, Cut the tips to the desired length. Always cut a larger size, because when sanding the nail you will lose some of its length.

First sand the side and length and then sand the "step". In this way, you can level the "step" without cracking the nail while sanding. This will result in a very natural looking porcelain nail.

Now apply Acid primer. You don't depend on the cabin to dry, so let it dry naturally.

Once the acidic primer has dried, you should apply gel primer throughout the nail without touching the cuticle. This will help the porcelain adhere to the nail and does not come off easily and will also protect your client's natural nail.

Let dry in the cabin.

Now you must add the monomer and transparent acrylic powder. To do this, moisten the brush on the monomer and pass the acrylic powder and then apply on the nail. Always accumulate more material at the top where the tension point is. Remember that The porcelain dries naturally on the nail.

Attention! Be careful of don't let the porcelain build up on the brush, otherwise it will harden.

You may clean the brush with any nail polish you have, so you don't ruin it.

To help the appearance and durability, fold the porcelain nail. After attaching the buckles, allow Let them dry naturally for 5 to 10 minutes. This is the time required to make the nails of the other hand.

Now you must Make technical sanding on porcelain nails starting with manual sanding.

Soon after, you can use sandpaper to remove any imperfection and any product that has touched the cuticle.

Too use a tip to finish the curvature of the porcelain nail .

With a thinner tip, end up removing any excess product that has touched the cuticle. This will help in durability and enamel.

Now use saline solution and an emollient cream To cut the nail.

With block sandpaper, sandpaper porcelain nails to eliminate the roughness that caused the previous sandpaper. This also helps prevent nails from scratching and becoming thick.

Place a top layer on the porcelain nail Without touching the cuticle. The top layer should seal the entire length of the nail.

It leads to dry the top layer for 2 minutes in UV cabin or 60 seconds in LED cabin.

Do you want to see how some porcelain nails look and how they favor the hands? Click on this gallery.

To see them Porcelain nails full with styles and colors click on the following link:

Nails in Punta or Nails Stiletto 2020

Another way to get different nail models is through the shape, that is, according to the way we give the nails we will get another model, so now we are going to see the pointed nails or stiletto nails.

For a few years in nail art fashion the latest trend is to wear pointed nails or stiletto nails, regardless of whether they are natural or false. If they are natural, it is important that you know how to file your nails, remember that if you have them too short you will not be able to make them, it will be your turn to wear some false.

Here we leave you false and natural pointed nails so that you get an idea of ​​how they look and the fashion of nail models that comes to stay.

Vintage nails 2o19

Like vintage fashion is in our lives, in manicures too. More and more women wear the vintage nails And they look great. You have to know that to make them yourself you will have to spend some time since it is a very careful style.

There are many vintage styles, but the one that is most used is that of flowers, a colorful, elegant and also flattering style for women's hands.

Take a look at all vintage nail styles that you can take this 2020.

Colored Nails 2020

Each color has a meaning and arouses a feeling when we see it, according to the tastes and personality of each woman will wear a color. That is why we want to show you the fashionable colors for the nails, depending on the skin tone, the style and the tastes of each one we will wear one or the other, also surely some of these nail dryers will be useful, with explanation of each type and recommendations for use.

What color do you identify with? Let's go for the matte nails, red, pink, black, animal print, gold, silver, mirror effect, blue, with flowers, coral, gray, marine, green, beige, orange.

Nails Roses 2020

One of the most used colors, especially in spring summer, is pink as it is a very feminine and delicate color. What do we transmit with pink nails?

When we wear pink nails we convey that we are delicate, feminine and sensitive women. If you look it is also a color that favors a lot, makes us have very beautiful and striking hands.

So you can see all the pink nails in different shades and styles you will only have to click on the gallery.

Red Nails 2020

The color that all women have ever worn and for which although the years go by, women of all ages continue to wear, are the Red nails.

It never goes out of style and it is that with red lips you will go perfect and it is that it is an elegant, striking and powerful color. It is also the color of the aries and scorpio.

Click here to see all the possibilities of styles and models that you can wear with red nails.

Nails Mate 2020

Delicate and elegant hands are achieved with some matte nails, with this enamel you will get different and original hands.

You will be able to obtain this color in any store or perfumery. If it does not convince you, you can also combine it with other colors to give it more vitality.

Now in this photo-gallery you can see all the examples of matte nails.

White Nails 2020

Tired of so much color? There are times that what we want is to wear a discreet color, so we propose the white nails.

White is a discreet, careful and simple color, it is a soft tone that looks great and more when we are brunette.

Surely you want to see more examples of white nails To see how they look, take a look at this gallery and see how good they are with different models and styles.

Nails Animal Print 2020

Do you like animal prints? Animal print fashion has reached the nails and every time we see more women wearing leopard nails, snake etc.

No matter how old you are, anyone can wear the animal print nailsIt is also a careful style.

What is your style of animal print nails that you like most? Look at this gallery and discover it.

Freech Nails – French Nails 2020

The frantic manicure It has many ways to call itself, french nails, french nails And it does not matter what we call it because it is the most used manicure of all time. It has a very elegant style and feels phenomenal with any type of makeup.

The classic style of French nails is to wear the entire nail in a transparent color minus the white tip. Currently the tip is worn in all colors, but the classic style always looks good.

Which of the two styles do you prefer, classic or modern French manicure?

2020 colored nails

2020 black nails

It has always been said that black is the color of the Gothic because it represents a sad and empty mood, but today black is much more than that, so many women wear the black nails.

Currently wearing black nails represents daring, original women who wear different things because they do not want to be equal to others.

As for the most rebellious women we recommend that they wear black nails, some examples that you can take into account are the following images.

Blue Nails 2020

One of the colors of the cold range and the most important primary colors is blue with all its possible shades, so we will now see the blue nails.

Blue is an elegant color but at the same time it is the color of relaxation and tranquility since it makes us move to the sea, sky and night making us calm down.

In the following gallery you will be able to see all the possible shades and styles of blue nails.

Wine colored nails 2020

The red wine or embroidered nails It is another timeless color, they will always be fashionable because they look good in any plan or event that we have regardless of whether it is day or night.

You can also choose different types of tones, stronger or weaker, without forgetting more or less brightness, always according to your taste.

In this gallery you will be able to see all the options of nail color wine or embroidered for this 2020.

Purple nails 2020

The purple nails It is another of the colors that are fashionable, whether purple, lilac or purple and it is a color that has a lot of strength in addition to being very beautiful.

It is a color with positive energies, this is due to being a mixture of red and blue so it transmits the calm of blue and the vitality of red, also creativity.

It is a color widely used for the meaning it has. For you to see all the possibilities we leave you this gallery.

Coral color nails 2020

For this autumn winter another of the colors that you are going to see in the nails is the coral color, wearing soft and striking hands. Discover the coral nails!

Romantic women usually wear it with a shy, soft touch that makes it a delicate color.

This special color for many women you can wear in many ways, we leave this gallery full of examples.

Gray Nails 2020

In the color palette the most neutral color of all, that is, the one that says the least is gray … But that has changed although to form this color you have to combine black and white, it is a color with force and in the following You will be able to see images.

It is not a negative color also represents very positive aspects such as responsibility, so join the fashion of wearing the gray nails.

You can wear them in different shades of gray and that's why we leave you this gallery so you can see them all.

Nude Nails or Beige Nails 2020

In both makeup and manicures, the nude tone is fashionable and has come to stay, so beige on the nails looks great, we present the nude nails.

All the prominence is taken by beige nails where naturalness and simplicity make it something precious and elegant as we show you in the following image.

It also has a sexy side to wear this color because it symbolizes passion, discover more ways to wear the beige nails in this gallery

Green Nails 2020

What is green associated with? Green is the color of nature and with it we transport ourselves to it feeling calm and peaceful, so many women are increasingly wearing green nails.

It is also capable of transmitting joy since it symbolizes life but depending on the hue, whether a more intense green or less will mean one thing or another.

But in general it is a fun color that you can join this fall winter to wear.

Orange Nails 2020

Another of the funniest colors of the palette is orange, it is perfect for spring summer and it is also something daring, this is because orange symbolizes the dangerous.

But not only is this, we recommend the some oranges because it is a color that stimulates the mind and helps us to meditate and think.

Being a cheerful color and encouraging for what you do not feel like this autumn winter wear orange-painted nails?

Golden Nails (2020)

The gold or gold color is the color of the sun and symbolizes knowledge but what do we transmit when we carry the golden nails? Very simple, desire to live, joy and wisdom.

Golden nails It is very fashionable, not only for what we have said it means, but also that it is a striking and beautiful color where your hands will be the protagonists of all eyes.

It is the color of women leo and for you to see all the possibilities of golden nails we leave you this gallery.

Silver Nails 2020

After seeing the golden nails, we have to focus on their opposite, on the silver nails where we could say that it represents the night and the gold the day.

It is an ideal color for parties and special events where you will have to keep makeup and clothes in mind. Keep in mind that you can combine it perfectly with many other colors.

Some ideas that you can have as a template are the following, discover the silver nails.

Nails Mirror 2020

The latest fashion to reach the world of manicures is the mirror nails, are a futuristic style that is sweeping social networks, especially on Instagram, and from which he has fallen in love with many women.

The most famous women have made this style worn by all kinds of women and feel like one of them, a "celebrity." It is perfect for parties, night events and important plans.

Click on the gallery and you can see all the mirror effect nails you want.

Marine Nails 2020

Although marine fashion is associated with good weather and summer, it is not so, you can take the sailor nails during all the seasons, for that with which you change the colors and designs will be more of summer or winter.

You can wear different styles, with anchors, stripes, waves … And if you combine colors, lighter or darker tones you will be perfect every time of the year.

Surely you want to see more styles of marine nails with different colors, then all the possibilities.

Nails Flowers 2020

What does spring represent better than flowers? We can combine many colors and styles including flowers to wear original and cheerful nails.

The nails with flowers It is a fresh and young style. More and more women are adding to their lives, whether in their nails, as in clothing, hair accessories …

If you want to see more examples of nails with flowers, it is best to click on this gallery although if you are going to do it yourself, paint your nails with this style, patience because it is a design that takes time.

2020 Tribal Nails

There are many times in life that you don't know what color to choose because you like them a lot, a very good solution is to wear the tribal nails where you will choose your own style.

When wearing these nails you will not find problem when combining it with your clothes since it carries almost all colors so it is sure to be phenomenal.

If you paint it, we have to tell you that it will take a while because it is not easy. These are the most used models of tribal nails.

Pictures Decorated Nails 2020 – Designs, Models and Colors of Nails

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Pictures of Decorated Nails 2020 – Designs, Models and Colors of Nails

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