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pH5 Eucerin Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion

Water is a source of life and beauty for our skin, and that can not be forgotten at any time of the year, and less in summer. The high temperatures and dryness of the environment make the skin dehydrated and suffer tightness, as well as peeling and other dermatological problems. In addition to small premature wrinkles! Properly hydrating the skin is the only way to ensure that it is revitalized and radiant. This summer quenches your thirst, with the pH5 Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion from Eucerin. Below we explain why it is the best option!

The enemies of the skin in summer

After spending all day at the beach or in the pool, we arrived home and observed that our skin resembles that of a lizard. It appears cracked, cracked and extremely dry and this is not a good sign. But … why do we suffer from this dry skin in summer? The culprits are …

  1. Sun. As you know, the sun must always be taken with a head: without exceeding the exposure time and using protectors that create a shield between our skin and sunscreens. Thus, we avoid short-term burns and dermatological problems in the future, in addition to combating premature skin aging. Sunbathing for too long causes the skin surface to become dehydrated, lose elasticity and tonicity and alter the optimal pH of the skin.
  2. The chlorine of the pools. The pH of the skin (its physiology) is altered upon contact with chlorinated water and skin function may vary. The negative effects on our skin are aggravated if we expose it very continuously to chlorine. We must ensure that the skin maintains the composition of its mantle unalterable acid (composed of lipids and water) so that it looks radiant.
  3. The sweat. When we sweat a lot, the pH of the skin is also altered, so it is essential to alleviate this aggression with lipid products, with which the skin's barrier function is restored.
  4. Constant showers with water alone or conventional soaps. The heat and excessive summer sweating invites us to shower much more frequently than necessary, and that alters the pH of our skin.

The best ally: PH Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion

Eucerin, Eucerin PH5 Ultralight Lotion,Eucerin

To combat the dryness of summer and ensure that our skin enjoys both the holidays and us, Eucerin He has launched pH Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion. It is a body cosmetic specially designed for sensitive skin that is absorbed in less than 30 seconds, leaving the skin regenerated and hydrated, without greasy appearance.

If you are lazy to apply a moisturizer and especially wait for it to dry, with this lotion you have no excuses, because it is immediately dried, thanks to its Hydro-dispersion system with nutritive waxes.

In addition, it stimulates the skin regeneration and strengthens of natural defenses for its dose of 5% dexpanthenol. This compound also favors the production of the moisturizing agents that the skin generates naturally.

The pH Balance System It makes this formula an ideal ally to restore the skin's natural defenses, neutralizing the effects of external substances.

Your price: € 14.55 / 400ml

The formula pH5 Eucerin Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion It comes in a comfortable family format so that everyone at home can enjoy this cosmetic treasure.