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Our beautyParty with readers and Philips was a success!

Nice party, right? It is the delivery of the alarm clocks Philips Wake-Up Light to the winning readers of the contest we organize Philips Y active beauty to commemorate the month of the dream. We had a great time! We learned a little more about sleep hygiene, we talked a lot, we laughed a lot and we took home a new way to wake up that (email protected) we have committed ourselves to try. We will tell the results of this experience in a post on April 18, both the participating readers and the two of us.

But first, we want to thank (email protected) your participation, especially the 14 winning readers, to Philips and at Urban Hotel who welcomed us in his precious Glass bar. And, if you want to keep reading, We explain how the party was!

Luis Suarez giving the workshop to the winning readers of the Philips WakeUp Light alarm clockLuis Suarez giving the workshop to the winning readers of the Philips WakeUp Light alarm clock

As you see in the photos, we were very attentive listening to the explanations of Luis Suarez, PR Manager of Philips, who explained how it worked WakeUp Light and gave us some advice to wake us up better and with more energy.

Philips Wake-Up LightPhilips Wake-Up Light

Among them, resorting to a way of waking less abruptly than the traditional sound of the alarm clock and waking up with sunlight or with the alarm lamp Philips WakeUp Light That mimics the sunrise. This device uses a halogen lamp with an intensity of up to 250 lux and whose switched on it is gradual, simulating the dawn.

The intensity of the light can be adjusted to adapt it to the preferences of each person, since there are those who with a little light already open their eyes and others who, despite the appearance of a splendid sun, there is no way to move them from the bed .

However, it is scientifically proven that the gradual emission of light emits a message to the brain so that it reduces the production of melatonin, the hormone of induction to sleep, and thus facilitate a smooth and pleasant awakening.

further, Wake-Up Light replace the alarm clock sound with the sound of birds in the morning in the forest, a sound that is gradually increasing, avoiding a sudden ‘dawn’. Equipped with FM station and integrated speaker box, it offers the possibility of waking up listening to your favorite songs or stations every morning.

The model that received the winners of the contest is the Philips Wake-Up Light HF3470, which has a price of € 82.99 (VAT included).

Elisabet at a time of the actElisabet at a time of the act
Thanks to (email protected)

We want to thank the 14 readers who were with (email protected) your assistance: Ana Breña; Ana Guillen; Zaidto, who attended instead of her husband Bruno Helmet, with her little girl who behaved marvelously well during the two hours that the event lasted; Carmen, Eloy, Ester Muñoz, Esther, Gema, Maria Rosa, Nieves Campos, Noelia María, Roberto, Rubén and Vanesa Fadrique. Remember that we await your comments! And the Photos! You can upload the photos directly on our Facebook page or mail them to (email protected)

We also want to thank Philips the trust placed in our blog active beauty to celebrate in this original and fun way this March. A month we have baptized as «The month of sleep», taking advantage that March 15 was the World Dream Day and that next Sunday day 31 we change the winter time for the summer time and we will sleep for an hour less! A great excuse to talk about such an important topic for the beauty and health of (email protected) as the sleep hygiene, and of which you will find information in our post:

Thank you Luis for sharing it with (email protected)!

Thanks also to the management and staff of Urban Hotel from Madrid that gave us a space in their Glass bar to carry out the event, as well as to Sogues Communication (Mireia and Sofia petó!). Do not forget to visit their page of Facebook To see all the details of the hotel, a five star luxury that we loved:

The truth is that after chatting for a couple of hours and telling us (email protected) our good and bad sleeping habits we were so comfortable that we had to run away to avoid losing the last AVE to Barcelona!

As you will remember, in this case one of the conditions to compete was to be able to attend the workshop we held in Madrid. But don't worry the readers of the rest of Spain, because We are going to do more workshops with Philips in other cities! We'll tell you!

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