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Original haircuts

Cortes de pelo originales

Original haircuts

Tired of always having the same hair? Don't you know what to do with your unruly and always tangled hair? Don't you have time to keep a long mane? STOP! The solution to all these hair problems can be found in your stylist's scissors. If you are thinking of changing your look, be sure to read the following article from On this occasion, we propose different original haircuts and comfortable that will accentuate your character and will not leave anyone indifferent. Apply the saying renew or die to your hair and discover the last cry in haircuts. Ready?

Chic comfort

One of the latest trend cuts is currently style bob. In addition to being super flattering, it will give you a touch indie to you look. You can wear it smooth or with volume, although it is more beautiful with the first option, the important thing is to give the rounded shape to the cut, to the helmet style. On the other hand, the important thing is to cut it with a bulky bangs maxi.

Another option is a bob curly, ideal if you have little hair. Also, if you want absolute comfort but with a touch chic, this is a safe bet. Set aside the bangs – it is best to opt for the middle or side stripe – and simply dedicate yourself to marking the curls with a touch of iron. Also this look admits headbands, hairpins, ornaments and headdresses to change and always be ready for any occasion.

Original haircuts - Chic comfort

Half hair

If you have already tired of your long hair, bet on a change of look Y move to medium hair. We suggest you give it a touch pin up to your usual image. How? Very easy! You can give more depth and volume to your new look adding a deep bangs. Do not cut it completely straight, the important thing is to make it rounded and give a bit of volume to a touch of dryer. It is perfect if you wear a half wavy or totally smooth mane.

Another great idea is to take advantage of your waves and opt for a half-mane with a lot of movement. Cut it just over the shoulder and give it another air with a nice bangs that, on this occasion, we recommend it is not very bulky. Moreover, you can choose to make the grating in the middle or tilt it. The important thing is that you see a fresh image and, at the same time, be a comfortable cut, ideal and easy to maintain during the day to day.

Original haircuts - Stockings

Retro look

The style vintage It is very fashionable and, of course, it is also the latest trend in haircuts. Many celebrities They choose to return to the great waves of yesteryear. If you want to relive the golden age of the 50's, 60's or 70's, you must bet on a look retro Among the most demanded cuts is that of Marilyn style, although with a modern and reinvented touch. If your hair is somewhat thin and you dare to give a different look to your image, this haircut is, without a doubt, a safe bet for you.

Original haircuts - Retro look

Bold cuts

If you are a woman very sure of yourself, the cut pixie It's your haircut. Although the issue is that the hair is very very short, style man, can be suggestive, feminine and very seductive. In addition, this is one of the most comfortable cuts, since it does not need much maintenance. You can wear it glued, with wet effect, ruffling it with wax, disheveling it or making a nice toupee. You will wear short hair with multiple options to comb according to the occasion.

For the most daring, the cut minibob, in the purest Rihanna style, is a good option to completely change look. This is a cut that should leave hair very very short on the side and never, while the upper part should have longer hair and the smoother the better. Ideal for all those daring who do not want to spend too much time combing their hair and also for the hot summer days. You sign up?

If you want to know in advance if these types of extreme cuts are going to fit you well, we advise you to consult the article How to know is short hair favors me.

Original haircuts - bold cuts

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