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Oncological scarves and caps, the autumn-winter collection.

This year the cold although it has taken time to arrive, is here to stay and the low temperatures will accompany us for several months. For people with alopecia problems or for people who have lost their hair through medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, and have chosen a wig as a hair solution, it is essential to combine its use with cancer tissues. These help to protect the head from the uncomfortable cold both at home and on the street and protect from unnecessary cooling.

If this is your case, we invite you to learn about different aspects that are important when choosing a turban or cancer scarf and the different alternatives that exist for you to choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

When choosing your hats or scarves keep in mind:

  • The tissues: We always advise that they be soft fabrics with your skin such as cotton or silks, that they are breathable such as gauze, elastin or viscose and that they do not tighten too much. In short, suitable materials for the sensitive scalp and that do not irritate your skin such as gauze, lycra or synthetic fibers.
  • Another important aspect is also that they are made no annoying seams to achieve maximum comfort at all times. Being manufactured in this way also prevents the skin of your head from getting irritated unnecessarily.
  • To be easy placement to save you time and always go great.
  • Its use: there are special oncological caps to sleep, to be comfortable and beautiful at home, to go outside, etc. and also keep in mind the time of the year in which you are going to wear it since in winter it is convenient to choose hats and turbans that better maintain the temperature of the head.

Our proposals for this winter:

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  • More basic cancer scarves or caps and of a single color that are the ideal ones to be at home and to rest during the hours that you don't wear the wig on. With them your scalp will perspire and you will be very comfortable.

  • Oncology sleeping caps: You will sleep comfortably with these special hats that are breathable and very soft. They are specially designed for the hours of rest in which they will keep the heat of your head, absorb the sweat and will be like a second skin.

All these models are available in a wide variety of colors from basic tones such as black or brown to the most fashionable colors. Also in the autumn-winter collection you can also find scarves and turbans reversible With those you'll have two in one. In addition, another interesting idea is the elastic hair bands or also known as hair curtain with which you can add hair to your scarves and cancer caps without the need to wear a wig.

These are some of our proposals. You can discover the rest of scarves, caps, hats and oncological turbans and other accessories to protect your head from the cold in our online store. We also invite you to discover the models of the spring-summer collection in another of our blog articles.