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Oil, the best dressing for your skin and hair in summer


The oil is in fashion. For the body, face, hair, nails, hands … The offer is so great that it deserves to pay attention, especially now.

Vegetable oils are highly recommended in summer to avoid dry skin and hair, as well as to replace lost lipids and vitamins. Currently there are formulas of dry oils that when applied do not leave the skin feeling oily. Even it has been possible to formulate refreshing oils to promote its use at this time, when the skin needs more nutrition and deep hydration. The new cosmetic discoveries allow them to be used by (email protected), regardless of skin or hair type that we have.

Nevertheless, not all oils are the same. In summer, care must be taken when using pure essential oils, as they may favor the appearance of dark spots on the skin.

If you want to know a little more about oils and how to use them, you just have to keep reading.


Skin and oil get along well. The reason is that Oil, unlike water, it can penetrate the skin because the intercellular walls are permeable to fats and gases. That is why oils they are more effective that the waters to treat skin dehydration and they are also good transporters of volatile substances.

Klorane Polysianes

"Do not you have to be afraid of oils », says Carol Monte, director of the new Kiehl’s store in Rambla Catalunya (Barcelona). And it explains the good results offered by oils not only for moisturizing and nourishing, but also for the treatment of problem skin and hair.

Vegetable oils

Do not confuse essential oils with vegetables. These last they are extracts of flowers, fruits and seeds that are macerated in oil or cold pressed. It would be the case of oils such as olive, argane, almonds, avocado, coconut, Tahiti monkey, etc. They are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, so they are very moisturizing and nutritious.


Vegetable oils have been used for centuries in cosmetics for their properties for maintain the vitality of skin cells and fight aging, in addition to some being edible oils used in the daily diet.

Shu Uemura

They are usually used as carrier base of essential oils, since these are very potent concentrates in pure scented molecules that should never be used alone on the skin.

Essential oils

It is claimed that essential oils They are "the soul" of plants, its «Vital essence». The reason is that they are concentrated volatile substances obtained from flowers, stems, roots and leaves of plants by a steam distillation process and have the ability to penetrate our body and directly reach the point where they are needed.


The molecules of essential oils they penetrate the body in two ways: the respiratory, through the inhalation of its aroma; and the topic, through the pores of the skin, and are incorporated into the bloodstream touring the organism and causing chemical alterations that produce physical and emotional responses.


This is the basis of the aromatherapythat is the healing through aromas used for centuries, in which essential oils are the purest elements to achieve it. And also of the aromacology, a concept of a few years ago and that consists of the ability of aromas to produce changes in mood, something that cosmetic laboratories take into account when producing their products.

Currently, you can measure the hormonal levels or brain reactions that a smell causes in a person. And it is known that aromatic molecules are perceived through very sensitive nerve cells that are on the walls of the nose and that send messages directly to the limbic area of ​​the brain, there where memory, emotions and learning meetand where there is no human sense except smell.


If you want to know more about the properties of each essential oil, in our post Aromas for a warmer home, you will find a small essential oils guide.

BC Oil Miracle

The essences, however, cannot be used in large quantities and directly on the skin as They are very powerful and can cause irritation, plus some are really expensive. Therefore, pure vegetable oils are used in which to dilute them, such as sweet almond, the most common, or those we have commented on olive, wheat germ or sunflower.

For all

♥ Sanoflore Delight Oil. Dry oil for face, body and 100% natural hair, contains euphrosin BIO (antioxidant and revitalizing), olive oil BIO (antioxidant, nutritious) and melissa essential oils BIO and jara BIO (reinforce the skin's defenses, regenerate), without parabens, mineral oils or synthetic perfumes. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

Le Petit Marseillais

♥ Klorane Polysianes Sublimator Oil. Golden and pearly body and hair oil that moisturizes and nourishes, providing a golden glow to the skin and hair; scented with the aroma of its main ingredient, Tahiti monkey, obtained by maceration for 12 months of 12 Tiaré flowers (the typical Polynesian flower) collected in their growth phase in a liter of copra oil; It is rich in essential fatty acids, triglycerides and vitamin E. 50 ml € 17.70. In pharmacies and parapharmacies


♥ Sublime Dry Oil from Le Petit Marseillais. Moisturizing and nourishing body oil that leaves no shine on the skin or oily sensation, does not stain clothes, can also be used on the hair to hydrate the tips and provide vitality, it contains argan oil, sweet almond oil and shea. 150 ml € 5.80

For the Sun

♥ Satin Sheer Oil of Lancaster. High sun protection oil (SPF 30) that includes a tanning activator complex in a formula that combines a sensual texture like oil with high protection, with the unmistakable summer scent of the brand's plots. € 33.75

Piz Buin

Piz Buin Tan & Protect Accelerating Oil Spray. Tanning accelerator oil with sun protection (available in high -SPF30- and medium -SPF15-), contains an asset that increases melanin production up to 70%, according to the firm, enriched with vitamins A, C and E, rapid absorption, not fatty 150 ml € 22.20 (SPF15) and € 23.20 (SPF30)


♥ Indola Innova Sun Active Hair Protector Oil. Oil with vitamin E and UV filters that protects the hair from sun damage and nourishes it, with an apricot oil aroma, for all types of hair exposed to the sun. 100 ml € 9. In hairdressers

♥ Phytoplage High Protection Hair Oil by Phyto. Sunscreen for hair with UV filters, olive wax (nourishing), marigold, willow and rosemary extracts to soothe, moisturize and purify, and castor oil to provide shine, for damaged and / or damaged hair, without parabens or silicones. 100 ml € 19.50. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

René Furterer

♥ René Furterer Sunscreen Oil. Sunscreen for hair with very high protection (KPF90), moisturizes throughout the day, with sesame and castor oils, waterproof (waterproof). 125ml € 16.25. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

For the face

♥ Argane Precious Galénic Oil. Regenerating and nourishing elixir for facial and neck skin with rich argan oil and argan peptides, fine and non-greasy texture, for dry or aged skin, can be used daily or as a three-week cure in seasonal changes or at times when it is necessary to strengthen the skin of the complexion. 30 ml € 50.80. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

For the nails

♥ CND Solar Speed ​​Spray. Oil that accelerates the drying of nail polish and provides shine, nourishes the nail from the inside, softens the cuticles, can be used to hydrate hands, arms and legs as it leaves them satin and sweet almond aroma; Contains hump oil, almonds and antioxidant vitamins. € 29.90. In professional salons

For the hair

♥ Elixir Ultime Grand Cru Imperial Tea from Kérastase. Perfumed oil for colored hair that protects the hair fiber and gives brightness and intensity to the color, with a formula (oil-complex) based on four oils: argan, pracaxi, camellia and corn, associated with the properties of imperial tea, rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that concentrate a high level of antioxidants (anti-aging active). 150 ml € 34.90. In hairdressers


♥ Cleansing Oil Shampoo from Shu Uemura. Hair cleansing oil inspired by one of the brand's flagship cosmetics (Cleansing Oil makeup remover), deeply cleanses the hair without weighing it down, respecting the balance of the scalp and hair fiber thanks to a high concentration of oils and a glycerin complex , vitamin E and gentian extract; for all types of hair, since in the case of thin or weakened hair, despite its oil base, the hair is revitalized, light and with volume, while in oily scalps the oily affinity allows deep cleansing with smoothness. 400 ml € 42. In hairdressers


Klorane Mango Oil. Treatment that nourishes, repairs and protects dry and / or damaged hair thanks to the properties of mango butter and provitamin A, protects from UV rays, for daily use, without paraben or silicone, waterproof (waterproof). 125 ml € 13.20

♥ Kiehl’s Magic Elixir. Revitalizing hair oil that nourishes and replenishes the loss of moisture from the scalp and hair fiber, helps maintain the microflora of the scalp, helps seal the hair cuticle and gives it shine; combines three oils: rosemary (source of vitamin A – antioxidant -, purifying and revitalizing), avocado (with vitamins A, D and E, nourishes, moisturizes and acts against aging) and safflower (with vitamin E and omega6, recovers hydration in the scalp and hair and restructures the hair fiber) with aloe vera (source of more than 20 minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E). 118ml € 21.50

L’Oréal Professionel

♥ Mythic Oil Mask by L'Oréal Professionel. Hair mask with argan oils and cottonseed that moisturizes, nourishes in depth and gives shine, for all hair types. 200 ml € 24.95. In hairdressers

♥ Schwarzkopf Bonacure Oil Miracle Conditioner Spray. Argan oil hair conditioner with two phases that, according to the brand, bring nine benefits: shine, softness, flexibility and vitality, facilitates styling, strengthens hair, nourishes, controls static electricity or frizz, seals the surface of the hair and does not overload it. € 15.20. In hairdressers

For the body

♥ Weleda Sea Buckthorn Oil. Oil that nourishes, revitalizes, protects and helps keep skin healthy and elastic, perfect as aftersun and as an intensive treatment for sun-aggressed skin, it contains sesame oil BIO, sea buckthorn oil BIO and essential oils of orange and mandarin; no preservatives, dyes, synthetic perfumes, mineral oils derived from petroleum. 100 ml € 18.75

Uresim Anti-cellulite Oil. Treatment that stimulates the combustion of fatty accumulations, fluid drainage and firmness of the skin, contains birch oils, coffee, focus vesiculosus (an algae) and grape seeds. 500 ml € 19.20. In pharmacies and parapharmacies

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