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Now that you have time, clean your brushes and extend their life

Limpia tus brochas y regrésales ese brillo natural a sus cerdas

If you are a girl who loves makeup but you still do not know all the tricks to be an expert in this topic, you should know that brushes (unlike mascara or shadows) have a much longer useful life, so It is really important that from the moment you buy them, you start giving them special care.

And unlike everything you are surely thinking right now, you don't need many things to give them that care to keep them looking like new, so find out everything and take advantage of your free time to revive those that you already had abandoned in your drawer of your dressing table .

1. Identify what type of brush is each

Gold-handled pearl bristle makeup brushes

Despite the fact that they all look the same (or almost the same), you should be aware that they are all different for the simple fact of the product they apply; so it is important that you identify them.

  • Makeup brushes: They are all those that we use with liquid or cream products; you need to wash them once every two weeks or, if you use them too much, once a week is fine.
  • Powder brushes: All brushes that we use to apply makeup powder, such as highlighters, shadows or translucent powders, should be washed once a month.
  • Natural fiber brushes: These types of brushes should be treated with greater care, because if you wash them with great force or do not take care of them properly, their useful life is likely to be considerably reduced.
  • Synthetic fiber brushes: Unlike the previous ones, you can wash them more roughly and there will be no problem for it.

2. Wet them with cold or warm water

Makeup brushes in bowl with waterRemember that it must be in either of those two temperatures, because if you wash them with hot water it may reach the glue of the bristles and dissolve it, which would cause your brush to be useless.

3. Choose a neutral pH shampoo

Silicone base for cleaning makeup brushes

Once the brush is wet, with a special synthetic silicone template for this (in case you do not have one you can do it on the palm of your hand) you should apply a small amount of neutral pH shampoo, or the special one for bathe babies, and begin to brush the brush in circular movements so that all the accumulated makeup comes out and begins to clean.

4. Rinse super well with clean water

Rinsing makeup brush

Once you have carved the brush well, you must rinse it with clean water until traces of makeup stop coming out. It is recommended that when you finish rinsing it, repeat steps 3 and 4 once more to ensure that there is no makeup residue.

5. Apply conditioner to the sows

Makeup brush with conditioner

One way to give a plus in the treatment to our brushes is by applying a little hair conditioner, which will restore the original texture and also make them softer, so you should leave them in treatment for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse. super good, because if you leave any remaining conditioner on the brush it may stop serving over time.

6. Let them dry

Makeup brushes drying with bristles down

The last step, but not the least important, is that many of us do not know how we should put them to dry. Do not leave them lying down or with the bristles up, because in this way the remaining moisture in them will go down and reach the glue, which will cause them to peel off; ideally, let them dry with the bristles down and this way they will not be damaged.