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No to pimples and pimples

No to pimples and pimples

We know you left adolescence some years ago, but that does not mean that you continue to suffer from the horrible eruptions and black spots on your face from time to time, do you? …

Whether from stress, allergic reactions, cosmetics, food or medication, acne can also appear in adulthood. If this is your case, in addition to recommending you go to a dermatologist, we suggest you follow this simple routine of care, you will see that the appearance of your epidermis will improve in a few days …

one. Unclog pores with very hot chamomile water vaporizations. Dry the sweat gently with a facial towel.

two. Wash your face twice a day with mild soap and warm water. This will help you control excess fat.

3. Only subtly squeeze the pimples and / or pimples that have white heads. Never touch those who are too inflamed!

Four. Try applying a lotion, cream or acne product that includes benzoyl peroxide. It will be perfect to kill bacteria!

5. To eliminate the spots caused by acne, we suggest you supply organic honey on the skin that is most affected, every day!

6. Finally, more importantly, remove all makeup or other cosmetic products from your skin before going to sleep, no matter what time you get home!