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Nike Women Mexico; a house for Mexican women

Casa nike women Mexico

If you live in Mexico City you will know that it is a challenge, because it is certainly a giant entity that devours our time by running from one side to another, when all we want is a space where to recharge energy to continue fighting out there.

Home Nike Women Mexico It is a new concept created with the objective of awakening the best of Mexican women. The house is located in Colonia Juárez; and in a space of 4 levels it concentrates everything necessary for you to live a total experience in the care of your body and in pursuit of personal empowerment. So what better way to change the environment and give yourself time for yourself than among active and passionate women like you.

1. First floor: hall

Meet House of her, the Nike house for women

On the first floor you will find the hall. In it you will mark your daily entrance to the house. There is also a showroom with new products Nike and the Magic mirrors of first technology, which will help you assemble and acquire through nike the most comfortable outfit to start activities.

You will also find the vibrant murals of Paola Delfín and Lourdes Villa Gómez, plastic artists who captured the essence and passion of great Mexican athletes such as Paola Espinosa, Nayeli Rangel and Jessamyn Sauceda.

2. Second floor: service area


It is the area of ​​special services that complement your experience in the House. From a Insta print of two screens (with which you can print in the “polaroid” style all the photos that you have uploaded to your social networks with the hashtag #nikewomenmx and #despiertatumejor), a pedicure sneaker (where specialists in sports shoes will leave your sneakers as new) up to a stylist bar with style consultants that will make you look gorgeous. You will also find a foot scan, with which you will know your exact type of footprint when running; and a bra fitting so you know which one sport brA is the most suitable for you.

3. Third floor: pitches

Meet House of her, the Nike house for women

As on the first floor, here you will know all the news in outfits Nike sports shoes. There is also a dressing area, where you can try all the releases and then buy them online through the magic mirrors; Finally, and after 48 hours, you will receive them in your home without shipping cost.

4. Fourth floor: high impact training with N + TC

Meet House of her, the Nike house for women

On this level of the house is the whole essence of Nike. Here you will burn calories with the exercise routines based on the N + TC application, in the hands of the best trainers and experts in fitness and health. You will have dressing rooms, showers, and a personalized locker so that you leave your belongings and move freely. And do not worry about footwear: here they will lend you a pair of tennis tailored for you to take full advantage of the training.


  • Open from Monday to Saturday
  • The sessions last:
    • 50 minutes from Monday to Friday
    • 90 minutes on weekends
  • All with the advice of coaches certified by Nike.

And it is on this fourth floor of the house, where precisely more than one woman ends her day saying: "This sweat on the forehead is my best makeup."

5. Fifth floor: rooftop

Meet House of her, the Nike house for women

The open sky, the attention to detail in the decoration, and the unparalleled panoramic view of Mexico City are all you will need to relax after an intense workout, and where breakfast is served after school on weekends. the rooftop it will become one of your favorite spaces of the Home Nike Women Mexico!

Knowing the house, living this incredible experience and awakening the best of you has no cost, all you have to do is sign up here