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New Year's Eve Outfits

New Year's Eve Outfits

New Year's Eve is here, a special night in which we all want to see each other fantastic, either because we go to a party, go to a dinner or just to be with our friends and family very handsome.

Surely many of you will already have thought for weeks that you are going to wear, but in case there is still some clueless that has left it for the last minute and begins to get nervous, we propose these looks or alternatives, which you can complete with what have at home and look great.

New Year's Eve Outfits 2014

The classic black, looks good on all occasions, and gives that elegant and fashion point that will make you feel the queen of the party. Mixes with transparencies are more than fashionable, as well as skirts with a little flight to the 50s.

Combine it with shoes with platform and a good heel in golden tone, stick pink or with some glitters, to stand out over the rest of the set. Do not forget to always look for the bag as a whole so as not to clash, or choose a black one, which never fails.

Add some necklace or bracelet, or some beautiful earrings and you have it done.

# look 2

New Year's Eve Outfits 2014

The party dresses for New Year's Eve are the most successful tonight, and in this case we propose 3 options with sequins, since this year you will have noticed, that they are everywhere.

The good thing about this class of dresses is that you don't need much more to look spectacular, since they take all the prominence. In white and gold, in green and blue or multicolored, we all love them. With half sleeve or in suspenders, depending on how cool you are, combine it with a handbag and high heels to stylize the figure.

To finish off the look, put it if you want some discreet touch, like a small ornament in the hair, but try not to overload, since the dress is very colorful, and you could look like a Christmas tree 馃槈

# look 3

New Year's Eve Outfits 2014

Finally we bring you two proposals a little less striking, in case your night is quieter, but you don't want to be dressed like every day.

On the one hand, look with leather skirt and black jacket. You can combine it with a white blouse or the color that suits you best. To highlight the outfit a little, combine it with a handbag of golden sequins and some heels that have some touch also in gold, since this color takes a lot. If you also buy a nail polish with glitter or in the same color, you will get a round look.

And on the other hand, if you feel like going a little more comfortable, black high waist pants, combined with a sequin blouse. As with the dresses, the blouse takes center stage, so you won't need much more to finish off the look. Look for good heels in black or with golden touches, combine it with a handbag, and ready to spend a fantastic night.

We hope that these 3 proposals will help you choose the outfit for tonight, whatever it is, you will surely be spectacular. And you know, tell us your most original proposals, we will be happy to meet you and have a great night.