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New spray nail polish that will change your life

Nuevo barniz en spray está formulado especialmente para adherirse a las uñas pero no a la piel, por lo cual asegura una manicura impecable todo el tiempo, se aplica en segundos

The time has come to take out the graffiti that you have inside with the London brand Nails Inc., which will soon launch a product that will change your life, especially if you are clumsy to paint your nails: Paint Can The first spray enamel.

The spray varnish is specially formulated to adhere to the nails but not to the skin, so it ensures an impeccable manicure all the time.

The first step is to apply a base for the paint to adhere and let dry completely

Then, shake the container well and spray the varnish on your fingers, making sure to cover your nails completely

Once the enamel dries, wash your hands with soap and water: the excess paint will peel off the skin and leave your nails perfectly varnished