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Neon makeup the new trend that conquered Instagram

Maquillaje neón, la nueva tendencia que está enloqueciendo a Instagram

When someone says the word neon We immediately think of lights, clubs, the eighties or the Daft Punk group. But we never imagined neon as a makeup option; maybe we think of him to use on the nails, but on the face, never!

At least that is what we thought so far, because thanks to the trends that are coming to light every day, today we welcome you to neon makeup. Some used it in eyelids, but these makeup artists use it in a completely spectacular way. Are you ready to see it?

Maybe you think this makeup will look like this

Gif Daft Punk

But it's really beautiful

Girl wearing a neon makeup

Makeup artists use it to highlight the face

Girl with neon makeup

Especially if it's about the eyes

girl with a neon outlined in her eyes

There are those who make their lips the center of attention

Lips with neon makeup

Other artists take their face as canvas

Girl with neon makeup

Some girls are reinventing the shape of the eyeliner

Girl outlined in the form of lightning in the eyes

Would you try

Girl with a neon makeup