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Nails, health and beauty


You cannot consider that you have a perfect image if the nails are badly cut or bitten, the color of the enamel is not uniform and the cuticles are gaining more and more space to the nail.

The fingernails grow about three millimeters each month and, although this may seem very little, not taking care of their shape and health can lead to poorly maintained hands. It is curious to know that the fingernails grow faster than those of the feet, although this growth is slower in winter than in summer and more vigorous in adults and young people than in children or the elderly.

Strong, flexible, smooth and shiny nails are the reflection that they are in good health, since a vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause them to be more fragile and break, pickled or cracked. Therefore, a balanced diet, the use of appropriate cosmetic products and good customs will ensure attractive nails.

Nail care

Caring for healthy nails is very simple. It is only necessary to clean and file with care, as well as avoid excessive manicures. It is better to remove the cuticles with an orange stick than to cut them, as the remains are their natural protection. For the care of the hands in general, it is necessary to flee from soaps or detergents that are too strong and moisturize both the hands and the nails with a good cream and the help of a massage, so that the product penetrates perfectly to the hands and nails.


To keep the nails in perfect condition you have to follow some simple tips:

• Do housework with two gloves, one of cotton and one of rubber. If only rubber rubber is used, it softens the nails.

• Renew nail polish every five days, and to remove it use a solvent without acetone.

• Do not use nail clippers, scissors or metal files, or make strong swinging gestures, causing fragility in the nail.

• Do not bite nails or skins or cuticles.

• Never apply the color on the nails, always do it on a protective or treatment base, otherwise they will turn yellow.

When nails have problems

Most nail problems are a sign of a temporary disorder or simply lack of care. To solve most of them there are superhydratants and nail regenerators products.

If they bend. They have to be reinforced with a treatment to harden-those that should be applied every night with a massage.

If they are too hard. They are a clear sign of excessive dryness. You have to provide moisturizing and softening substances several times a day and especially at night.


If they have ribs. The ribs or transverse grooves are almost always produced by contact with detergents and abrasive products without protecting the hands with gloves, by the use of sharp instruments or aggressive cuticle remover. They are also removed with good hydration.

If they are brittle. The nails are broken by keratin deficiency or by the deterioration of the binding substances between the different layers that form it. Seuma for nails solve this problem. Apply them several times a day and, during the treatment, do not use enamel. When the color has already been applied, put on top of it enamel protector that, in addition to protecting the nail, prevents the enamel from peeling.

If you have

Beter limes

In white lines. Those Repeated white lines transverse to the growth of the nail are due to overly aggressive manicures that injure the nail matrix area, nail base and structural formation area; It occurs because the sheet penetrates air that manifests as white lines when the nail grows.

Get your manicure at home

• Remove the remains of nail polish with a suitable solvent.

• File nails with a cardboard file (softer than metal ones). You have to do it gently from the inside to the center of the nail. Specialists recommend not filing the sides too much so as not to damage the nail.

• Apply a cream to remove the cuticles around the contour and let it act for a few minutes.

• Very gently, push the skins with the orange stick back. Dermatologists recommend not cutting them.

• Wash your hands, brush your nails with a soft brush and dry your hands. If cream remains, the enamel will not adhere perfectly to the nails.

• In case the nails are fragile or break easily, use a strengthening base for the entire surface of the nails and let it dry before applying the color.

• Make up your nails with the chosen color. The proper way is to start with a brushstroke in the central part of the nail and then the sides. Before giving the second layer of enamel, let the first dry.

• To make the color last longer and the nails are brighter, once the last layer of enamel dries, give it another layer of fixing enamel.

Color on your nails

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