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More than 20 photos of the Pixie 2020 Haircut

More than 20 photos of the Pixie 2020 Haircut

The pixie style is one of the haircuts that will be very present during this year. We bring you a sample of photographs so you can see the different versions of this haircut.

Photo: GTres Online.

What is the Pixie Cut

The pixie cut refers to a leprechaun haircut. This one is characterized by wearing short hair but there are so many styles within this type of haircut that you better see it for yourself.

One of the myths that were created around this type of hair is that it was only favorable for one type of face, the other women could already look for another one that he left out. The reality, what stylists tell us and trends in celebrities co-sign it, is that Pixie haircut is perfect for any type of face, all you have to do is adapt the different parts of it: bangs, volume, sides and hair color.

Image: Getty Images

But, if there is a detail in which the stylists agree to show off this type of hairstyle, it has to be a woman with personality and feminine, to put that sexy touch to this haircut that is sometimes related to the masculine. It is yin and yang.

One of the questions we all ask ourselves when we take the step to completely change our look is how long will the cut last? Well, in the case of pixie cutting it would be necessary touch it up every month and a half, although you also have the option of wearing a pixie with longer layers until you decide to go through the hairdresser again.

Long Pixie Cut


The long pixie cut is characterized by having slightly longer layers. Normally, within this style, the cut that many women bet on is asymmetric, wearing a part of the hair with longer layers and others that are kept short, to enhance the effect.

In turn, we can find long pixie haircuts in those that can be different areas of the hair those that are long: the front part (something more than the bangs), only half of the head and no, at the moment nobody has dared to take the long back part and the Very short front.


This photograph of the actress Jennifer Lawrence It is a few years ago, 2014 to be exact, but it is still one of the mythical images to understand pixie haircut and how it can favor a face. In this case, we see how the bangs are much longer than the rest of the hair, which is extremely flattering since it has a wider forehead than the chin.

Pixie cut for elongated face

Photo: © Luca Lazzari

For those who have an elongated face and are thin-faced, the pixie cut with a bangs Well marked side can be your perfect cut. This type of haircut shows more of your features and enhances the effect of them, if you add some makeup to the areas that you like best on your face to highlight the effect of the pixie, you will look great .

Image: deguapas

The childish and angelic faces will also find in this haircut a great ally to show off. In this picture we see another pixie cut completely different from the previous ones, a more casual haircut with a natural effect, as if you had just left the shower, it shows us how you can wear a very thoughtful haircut or how you can wear it in the simplest way.

This type of haircut will also perfectly accept the use of Hair Accessories, and not only cosmetics such as foam or gel. You can combine it with tweezers, hairpins, headbands … It all depends on your personal style and how you want to combine it with your looks.

Pixie cut for curly hair

Photo: Marco Severini

Women who have curly hair will also be able to wear a modern and feminine pixie cut. In the image that we show you of this year's fashion shows, it shows us a afro style pixie cut which is going to be a trend during this year-

Again, if we look again for that asymmetric style that I mentioned before, we can find curly pixie haircuts like this one, in which the curls become one of the most striking aspects of the hair.


There are many options that you will have at your disposal those who want to wear short curly hair.

If in your case you have more waves than defined curls, as we see in the photograph, the result will be the same or similar. You will have the opportunity to wear all the pixie cuts that you will see in the image gallery at the end of the article, since it is not the type of hair that will mark which one suits you most, if not the type of face that you have.

Pixie Cut in Famous

cortes-pixie-2016-21 "width =" 445 "height =" 604 "srcset =" 600w, 768w, /cortes-pixie-2016-21-300x408.jpg 300w, 1507w "data-sizes =" (max -width: 445px) 100vw, 445px "/></p>
<p class=As I mentioned before, the celebrities They are our trend catwalk. In them we can see which are the hairstyles that are going to be in fashion, which of them are the ones that bet on one and the other hairstyle, being able to find the one that has a similar type of face and consider whether or not it would be flattering.

The photographs that we are going to show you in this gallery are from celebrities and Models who have paraded on the catwalk this year, which allows us to know first hand why the stylists and the great fashion designers bet:

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More than 20 photos of the Pixie 2020 Haircut

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