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Modern hairstyles man you have to try

peinado moderno hombre

modern hairstyle manWith modern hairstyles man To say that they also care about the way they look before others. Looking good, it is not only a feminine issue, it is also a relevant aspect for men of these times who are looking for the best way to demonstrate their style.

In today's post we want to show you some examples of modern hairstyles man that you can easily do at home, without taking much time.

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Ideas from modern hairstyles man according to your hair type

modern hairstyles for men and how to make them

The way in which we have hair largely defines what we can or cannot do in the matter of hairstyles. Depending on your type, we can recommend some.

Hairstyles for men with straight hair

Combed back

If you are the type of man who usually has long hair, perhaps at shoulder height or a little shorter, you can opt for a fresh shape of your hair and comb it a little back fixing it with lacquer or with a fixing product.

Short and with some volume

Modern hairstyles for formal short hair men

Another trend in modern hairstyles man, is that you can take it short, however a part of higher volume is left so that you can comb it back or perform a barber effect which is quite fashionable and adapts to many styles.

Short with low volume

If you are a man with straight hair, you can also opt for very short with low volume which can be handled in a disorderly way in order to create a very uncomplicated look. It does not take long to do and creates a very youthful atmosphere.

Hairstyles for men with curly hair:

Long and curly

modern hairstyles man curly hair

For those men who risk this type of hairstyle it is intended for those who know how to wear a wavy or curly mane or medium hair without any problem.

Semi short

This is one of the modern hairstyles men which has become more popular, since having curly hair you can let your hair grow a little in order to create a very youthful and uncomplicated look. For this hairstyle the style must be a little rocker or bohemian.


If long or semi-long hairs are not your style, you can try a very short hairstyle where the hair does not show much the curls and can be manipulated easily and quickly.

3 modern hairstyles man easy and amazing

Here are some ideas you can consider about modern hairstyles that you can do at home:

The Quiff Wave

These are the hairstyles in which you try to create a gradual effect where volume is removed on the sides in order to form a natural toupee on the top that can create a very natural style.

Long Crop Top aside

modern hairstyles straight hair man sideways

It is based on the hairstyle in which the volume of the sides is reduced to the maximum in order to have a rather voluminous toupee but looser than in the previous case where what is sought is undoubtedly comb sideways and create A much more stylized style.

The scruffy side

Another of the modern man hairstyles is the one that seeks that we can handle a much shorter volume compared to the previous two.

What is sought is to leave very little volume on the top that combs from the center to the side in order to create a good effect. It is perfect for symmetrical faces and very strong features.

These are some of the ideas of modern hairstyles man that we can find today as one of the highest trends.

Remember that to wear a proper look we must consider, in addition to what is in fashion, the shape of our face, as well as the type of hair and our personal style, so that we can mark our own style.

The best modern hairstyles that a man can wear this year

Images of modern modern hairstyles for men

modern hairstyles man round faceModern hairstyles for 40-year-old menmodern hairstyles for men photomodern hairstyles for men step by step

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