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Miguel de GH17 changes his image with a hair prosthesis from Beltrán Centers

Miguel de GH17 changes his image with a hair prosthesis from Beltrán Centers

A few days ago Miguel Vilas, contestant and one of the main protagonists of Big Brother 17, surprised everyone with a radical makeover. After appearing in the famous reality with a partial hair prosthesis and subsequently showing everyone his true image now Miguel de GH17 has chosen to wear a hair prosthesis with a long mane of natural hair from Beltrán Centers.

First the Galician model revolutionized the networks showing its makeover and then In the program Save me from Telecinco, he explained that a touch up had been made on his face and that a new hair prosthesis had been placed in our center.

Miguel explained that the hair is comfortable, that he can do whatever he wants with the hair prosthesis on. “It's a hair prosthesis like the famous one I wore, with which you can do whatever you want in your hair. I can comb my hair any way I want. ” And it is that as we always say, and as Miguel demonstrated in Big Brother, with the hair prostheses you can make a totally normal life.

In this Telecinco program, after the questions of the collaborators Miguel commented that The maintenance of the hair prosthesis is done every two weeks.

How is Miguel's new hair prosthesis?

Miguel's new hair prosthesis from GH17 is a complete prosthesis with long, straight and natural hair. Being made with natural hair it is possible to dye and admit to using heat appliances such as dryers, irons, tongs, etc. As if it were our own hair.

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This allowed us to adapt the cut that Miguel asked us, when he came to wear it to our center of Valencia, and make it a very natural color gradient.

There have been many people who have criticized the change but we love it!