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Metallized as Maria or colored as Marta?

Metallized as Maria or colored as Marta?

We love stylistic duels among the Pombo sisters because, in reality, there are no losers but they usually win both and, above all, when we emulate their looks. Today we 'face' Mary already Martha in a fight for manicure prettier, appetizing and trend and, really, we are very indecisive and we are already telling you that we will want both. And you?

María Pombo and the most elegant metallic nails

Why had we not valued brown color as an option to consider? Although it is a color a little winter, with the metallic touch it becomes festive so we love it for the night.

The shape of the nails is also very elegant: oval, with a minimum length to file them like this, they are pure sophistication. Ok, we aim this manicure for the next nighttime event and to combine with a black dress.

Marta Pombo, multicolored fantasy

What if we dream a little and innovate with manicure? It seems that Marta could not decide between the whole range of beautiful pastel colors they had in her beauty salon and wanted to make up her nails with her 5 favorites. Thus, we can see a violet finger, another lilac, another dusty pink and another mint green contrasting with the thumb in a very dark purple almost black.