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Melanie Gaydos is a model born with genetic mutation

Conoce a Melanie Gaydos: es modelo y nació con una extraña mutación genética

It is amazing how beauty is also defined from the perspective of the lens with which it is admired. In the fashion industry certain aesthetic canons have been gradually transformed, from size, skin color, height, to style, hundreds of women and men have collapsed them, and what the famous ones built for decades Fashion editorials could soon be part of the story.

Today the art of modeling demands variety in style and essence, and that is why the world set its sights on Melanie Gaydos, a 28-year-old woman who lives with a strange genetic condition. The woman who could be the first case registered with this strange mutation, walks the catwalks of great designers and appears in important fashion magazines.

1. She is Melanie Gaydos

hairless woman in bed

2. Live with a rare genetic condition

woman with long steamy dress

3. And it is breaking stereotypes in the fashion industry

hairless woman with glasses

4. Born with ectodermal dysplasia

hairless woman

5. It affects your hair, teeth, skin and nails

hairless woman with flowers

6. Gaydos never felt different from the rest

slim woman with high heels

7. While growing up, I didn't understand why they looked at her differently

woman with flower headdress

8. She was rejected throughout her childhood

hairless woman

9. She says she always "wished she didn't exist"

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10. But he also appreciates his strength to move forward

hairless woman with red lips

11. This led her to be a modeling artist

hairless woman posing white suit

12. Managing to express all the rarity inside his body

hairless woman and red dress

13. The same body that turned it into rejection

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14. Now he is the one who gives his own style

hairless woman and glasses

15. And reflects all the eccentricity of his being

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16. Enjoy modeling looks that few would dare

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17. It is possible that Melanie is literally the first of its kind

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19. Science ensures that so far its genetic anomaly is unique

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18. And she is fascinated by this idea

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20. “I love my life and it's great to know that I am the first with this condition”

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