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Meet the new Mac Basic Bitch shadow palette

M.A.C anuncia su nueva linea de sombras básicas ¡Están increíbles!

We have all fallen in love with the MAC makeup line, whether for its matte lipsticks, the foundation for makeup or the mask for high impact eyelashes. For our good fortune, they now launch a new palette of shadows with all the basic colors of their range.

The new creation was launched during Fashion Week in Milan, where makeup artists tested the new palette Basic Bitch in different parades and obtained great results.

The experts spoke

MAC shadow palette

Netta Szekely, one of the brand's most important makeup artists, showed on Instagram the new color palette, which consists of 9 different shades.

Its color range is amazing

The shadows range from bright colors to neutral colors, including burgundy, purple and silver tones, ideal for a smoky effect on your eyes.

We will continue waiting

palette of shades

Although the new shadows were already used by beauty experts, MAC has not announced its launch to the market. Therefore we will wait to get this kit that will surely be a new classic in shadow palettes.