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Meet the line of cosmetics inspired by Harry Potter

¡Por fin! Paleta de sombras y kit de brochas en forma de varitas, son la nueva linea de cosméticos inspirados en Harry Potter

If you like almost as much makeup as the saga of Harry PotterSurely this news will make you happy. As you will remember, a couple of weeks ago we found the muggle dream of every makeup fan with these amazing palettes of shadows inspired by the houses of Hogwarts.

However, those palettes were only a fan proposal in Reddit, therefore we could not find for sale. However, today we bring for you another kit Inspired by this favorite saga. Learn all the magic of these brushes in the form of enchanting wands inspired by Harry Potter. They can be yours soon!

The wand-shaped brushes you needed

Makeup brushes in the form of magic wands

The independent cosmetic brand Storybook Cosmetics She is responsible for making this dream come true, by creating Wizard Wands brushes.

This cute bag to store your kit

black fabric bag with S

In the official account of Storybook Cosmetics It has been announced that these wands and shadow palette are still a prototype; however, it has already been approved and will be available for sale in the next six weeks.

Known The selection palette

book and makeup palette

The cosmetics brand has a palette of shadows inspired by the colors of Howgarts houses, with the most ingenious name of all: "The selection palette".

Just as the hat selects your house in the school of magic and sorcery, with this palette you can find the color that defines you, according to the house you choose.

Who is ready to preorder the magic kit?

gif girl raising hand with long hair

Although the brand still does not reveal the value of this line, the magic makeup wands are already available in presale.

Definitely, Storybook Cosmetics managed to capture the essence of Harry Potter and transformed it into an ideal concept. We are ready to preorder our kit!