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Masks that will make your skin softer as if by magic

Masks that will make your skin softer as if by magic

Attention, if you have uneven texture or dryness in some parts of the face, This is a sign that you should start a facial hydration and balance routine! In it, we recommend applying a gentle cleanser, a powerful tonic, antioxidant serums and masks for soft skin. The latter you can make yourself with easy to get ingredients (or that you already have at home) that are not expensive at all and that will really help you to smooth your face as if by magic. Know below which one to use, depending on your skin type!

Coffee mask for normal skin

Mix a teaspoon of coffee ground, one of oats crushed into medium granules and one of milk. Apply in circular movements over the entire face, leave to act for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply a good layer of moisturizer at the end. This mask has become very popular on social media, for the past few weeks as it leaves your skin super soft.

Aspirin mask for oily skin

Crush 10 in a bowl aspirin until you get a fine grain and add two teaspoons of pulp of aloe vera. When you get a homogeneous gel, distribute on the face with upward massages, wait 20 minutes for the ingredients to work and wash with cold water to refresh. Do you already know aspirin benefits in beauty?

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