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Masks for Dry, Oily and Battered Hair

Masks for Dry, Oily and Battered Hair

If you came to this article about Hair Masks You definitely want to have your hair shiny, silky, vigorous and without split ends.

But the daily life and the obligations that we have does not allow us to devote what we really want to our hair and many times we only dedicate time to lose weight.

With which many of the hair care arises by oneself and the behavior you have or how often you do it.

In my case I tried putting egg for hair, haircuts, even masks homemade That did not work for me sincerely, but these two ways of doing it made my life sincerely.

I had long hair for a while, then I cut it, then went through wavy hair and made the big mistake of how to bleach hair at home and I made a mess.

Urgently look for different hair treatments that can save you from so many dyes applied and give you vitamins E for your hair that are so important

That's why I bring you different solutions to improve the health of your hair quickly, easily and with homemade methods.

The first sign we have that we have a problem in our hair is that we see it opaque, dark, without vigor that can sometimes happen because we apply a lot of heat or mistreat it when dyeing our hair.

The same thing happened to me a few months ago when I decided to paint my hair red and red hair dye is the most harmful to the health of our hair.

At one time I thought that a haircut was the best solution but then I understood that it would be a big mistake and that would not solve anything.

Then I tried to find different ways on how to grow hair to improve from the root with new hair but it was also another error that grows as a solution.

That's why I started looking for different natural solutions to repair my hair and I will share with you these very effective secrets.

Every mask For the hair it will give you a benefit according to how damaged your hair is.

The treatment for battered hair is applied every week 1 per week and will last according to how damaged you have it, you can apply it throughout your life because it is something that nature gives you.

In the case of friends who had frizzy hair, hair with wicks, dry hair helps them to improve these health tips and adopt these good habits.

That's why I wondered how to have beautiful and shiny hair? and I found this solution that I share only with you.

You can also apply these hair treatments if you have straight hair or for long-haired women providing vitamin for hair.

Repair your Fast Hair with Homemade Natural Masks

Homemade and natural hair treatment

These methods that I am going to explain to you are going to let your hair shine, silky and without split ends, which is what all the girls want, don't you think?

Let's start first with one Mask for Oily Hair and then I will continue explaining another Mask for Dry Hair.

You can choose the one that best applies to you depending on the fat you have on your head and scalp.

To know if you have oily hair or dry hair it is best to answer this simple question.

If you stop washing your head for 1 day, do you feel the hair with low volume and a wet effect? If your answer is yes you have oily hair instead if your hair becomes lazy throughout the days you don't bathe or wash your head is simply dry.

honey - for hair masks

Mask for Oily Hair

The natural ingredients that we will need for this mask homemade They are as follows:

  • Liquid honey and make it organic
  • Tasteless yogurt
  • Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


The Benefits of Natural Yogurt is that it acts as a conditioner and repairs the cuticles and the ends of the hair also providing softness and shine to your hair which you can use whenever you want and need it.

Properties for honey hair: It is a hair moisturizer acts as a moisturizer and also prevents hair loss and hair breakage which is very good to apply after we perform aggressive dyes that damage the hair.

Properties of coconut oil for hair: For me it is one of the best secrets for hair since it has many vitamins for your head, so much that it strengthens and regenerates continuously.

On the other hand it stimulates growth and nourishes it.

natural hair masks - Yogurt

Start Preparing the Mask for your oily hair

  1. Put two tablespoons of coconut in a bowl or bowl and begin to dilute
  2. Apply a couple of tablespoons of honey
  3. Half Pot of Natural Yogurt
  4. Start beating all natural foods until you have a homogeneous and creamy consistency
  5. Apply in your hair from the middle to the ends and then from the root to the middle of the hair (it can be applied for at least 30 minutes) to a greater amount of time since you can dry the hair

Easy, simple and fast. Wash it out all rest.

Then I recommend that you wash your head with plenty of water with a shampoo for oily hair.

Also the Aloe vera I recommend it a lot since you can get a plant and cut it where you will get all its liquid that you can spend in the mane to reduce excess fat I use it and I assure you that Aloe vera works very well for both hair and for face.

I remember in my teens I got acne and it solved the problem, as well as my brother's scalp which had dandruff and aloe solved it.

Hair Masks - Almond Oil

Mask for Dry Hair

Now I am going to give you the ingredients for this homemade mask that you need to enjoy the benefits for your hair that this type of hair mask gives you that as I have I can be dry.

  • Jojoba oil
  • Honey
  • Coconut oil
  • Egg
  • Olive oil

These are the perfect ingredients so that your battered hair does not suffer more dry hair.

The properties of the hair egg is that it nourishes the scalp, also prevents early hair breakage which keeps it much healthier and also provides strength, shine and softness.

The olive oil properties For the hair it is the best I've tried lately since it stimulates, regenerates and strengthens the hair which is very necessary for women. That is why remember to use olive oil of a good brand and only a little you should use since the good olive liquid is usually very concentrated.

Jojoba nourishes the hair and benefits its growth, which is one of the best I know naturally.

Start Repairing your hair with this Mask for your dry hair

The first test in which you do it, I recommend that you print this guide to be able to read it quietly, once you have memorized the procedure you can do it in a few minutes, having the ingredients already.

So that you have an idea the first time I learned to make these home remedies it took 5 minutes and then in 2 minutes I could do memory once a week, since the result can be obtained at the time of doing so.

Dry hair treatment

  1. Dilute coconut oil in a bowl
  2. We apply 1 egg to mix with the coconut
  3. Then we add honey a few tablespoons
  4. Olive 1 tablespoon of tea or half
  5. A few drops of Jojoba oil

If you apply this mask on the roots and you have oily hair you will be greasing it much more which I do not recommend for the health of your hair.

Olive and Butter Oil - Hair Masks

How are hair masks applied?

The procedure is suitable for any type of natural mask for both oily or dry hair

  1. Leave the bowl or bowl with the ingredients that you prepared and mixed your hair mask in warm or hot water, this allows you to not solidify the preparation and the mixture
  2. Brush your hair to remove all kinds of traces of product or dirt
  3. The hair of our hairstyles is separated into two sections one that is above and another below to apply in an orderly manner
  4. With our fingers we start by applying from the tips to the hair means
  5. Then we apply from the roots to the middle
  6. It should be well saturated with this mask that we apply
  7. After we apply to all the hair we collect it and wrap our hair with transparent film (as if it were a bathing cap)
  8. We apply a little heat on the transparent film with a dryer in minimum power
  9. We let it act for at least 1 or 2 hours or overnight
  10. Once the hours passed we washed our hair with our favorite shampoo

coconut oil hair mask

Advice from experience if you have very oily hair do not apply it at the root it is much better that that part of the hair is left without natural ingredients.

Use Almonds oil since it has a great power to nourish and give the most vitamins to our hair.

Almond oil grants vitamin E and vitamin A and also vitamins B1, B2 and B6 so that the nutrients in your hair are complete and restore any abuse.

These types of preparations should be applied once a week and I assure you that you will notice the difference of a much more silky, soft and knotless hair

Do not miss these homemade Hair Masks for different hair types

In this section of the article I am going to mention other home remedies for your hair.

These 6 that I add are used for dyed hair, burned and dry hair, dull or dull hair, frizzy hair and curly hair.

The best health for your hair is natural remedies, which gives you nature without chemicals and that is why I was trying several methods and these are the best I can share.

How to make homemade masks for dyed hair?

The dye as I call it in my country or the dye that you put on your hair can be a double-edged sword on the one hand makes you beautiful and beautiful as you want but on the other hand it damages your hair a lot.

The same thing happened to me when I dyed my hair red and it was a big problem later to remove it as I explained in another article.

It all depends on the color you choose to dye because the dark brown color is not the same as the red cherry since it is much more harmful at the level of hair and scalp health.

The chemical compounds in the dye usually dry out and weaken your hair a lot.

Worst of all is that it causes the much hated frizz in our hairstyle.

Another problem that brings us the dye that causes us stye in the hair but many times we don't realize.

Ingredients you need:

  • Banana (or banana)
  • Coconut milk
  • Beer yeast
  • Egg and Avocado (it's the avocado)

Dyed hair treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar - Hair Mask

Homemade Egg Mask

The egg naturally offers the hair softness and reduces how opaque our hair can be, which is very good to apply without thinking much.


  • Eggs
  • Glycerin
  • Olive oil
  • White vinegar


  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin with 2 tablespoons of olive oil to start mixing
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 2 eggs
  • Mix by stirring everything in a bowl until a homogeneous mixture forms

You apply as explained above, in this case from the tip to the root of your scalp.

It is applied for 20 minutes with your head covered with a transparent film or a damp towel.

Then with plenty of water you remove the remains of the mask and wash yourself with shampoo for hair damaged by dyeing.

You can make this mask 1 or 2 times a week that leaves your hair perfect.

Beer Yeast Mask

The good thing about the product that offers your hair a lot of hydration, which is why you need it for your damaged hair.

You need two eggs which you must beat very well so that it is homogeneous as if it were a cream

You apply 3 spoons of brewer's yeast (they don't have to be soup spoons)

Add or olive oil or coconut oil to hydrate more this mask all depending on what you have available.

Again the same process is applied to the hair for 25 minutes, let it rest and you take it off with the shampoo you use for dyed hair.

avocado - hair mask

Banana Avocado Mask (or as I say in my country avocado with banana)

The treatment for my dyed hair that I like the most and I highly recommend it for the ingredients it carries.

On the one hand we have the banana that provides essential minerals such as potassium and on the other hand we have the power of avocado vitamins that is an excellent moisturizer and also regenerates the hair.

To start we have to crush and mix half avocado and half banana.

I recommend adding some Natural Yogurt or oil to make mixing and crushing easier.

The oil I use for this case I give you my advice that it would be best a coconut oil, argan oil or olive oil.

Mix all the ingredients well and apply from the root to the tips to get the best result.

Then as always in these cases apply for 20 and 25 minutes depending on the amount of hair as well.

Aloe Vera natural mask

hair masks with aloe vera

This type of repair for your hair is applied with aloe oil as well as the liquid that your plants have.

Both aloe vera oil and coconut oil for example in this case you can mix it obtaining a great result.

To make the mask a little more solid and not so liquid it is best to apply a little honey to the preparation

I advise you to leave applied for 30 minutes and apply from the tips to the root of your hair.

Later you wash yourself with your preferred shampoo, ideally for damaged hair and repair.

It does very well also for the skin of your head which has double effect as for your face.

In the following article you can see the best masks of aloe vera or aloe vera as we know it.

How to make homemade hair masks for burned hair?

Dry and dull hair is often due to the abuse we do to our hair without realizing it.

The best solution as a friend who is a hairdresser told me is to cut your hair and make a new hairstyle in these cases but if you are not willing as it may be your case the ideal is to make this type of Hair Masks that help you health of your hair

Mainly the elements that damage our hair that burn it are the irons or the famous straighteners to leave us with extreme straight hair, excessive use of hair punches, or simply when we go to the beach and we are exposed to the sea water that is salty or solar radiation that is very harmful to the hair.

All ingredients as always are homemade and natural since I believe that the best components for human body care are in nature.

banana - hair mask

Mask with Egg and Honey

Undoubtedly one of the simplest and most potent in regards to nutrients since it thinks that the egg itself by nature gives life imagine for your burned hair how good it can be.

Combined with honey we have the perfect remedy to hydrate and give life to our hair again.

He thinks that many times when the burned hair we detect it, it can be rough, which this type of mask is vital for the softness and strength it has to recover.


  • 1 bowl you put 2 tablespoons honey
  • add 1 egg
  • Mix until homogeneous

We apply but previously the hair has to be wet so that you can take the preparation you made much better.

Then you wrap it in a damp towel or a transparent film that you have.

Many people let it act for 25 minutes and I recommend if it is very damaged for at least 1 hour to make it very smooth.

Then you can remove it with a common shampoo that you use.

eggs for hair mask

Mask with rosemary and coconut oil to moisturize the hair

I also quite like this preparation since it has one of my favorite ingredients that are the vitamins of Coconut.

It gives a lot of vitality and moisturizes every woman's hair so I always recommend it more than anything if you have dry hair and split ends.

To restore burned hair we have to:

  • Mix the oil and rosemary with a tablespoon
  • to give consistency I advise you to add 1 avocado

Only apply for 20 minutes and then remove with your shampoo

Aloe vera and argan oil mask

On the one hand we have to see that regenerates the hair and on the other hand this Moroccan oil so important today that it is called liquid gold from Morocco which has excellent properties in fatty acids improving hydration in this case of hair.

Start preparing this way:

  • 1 bowl with 3 tablespoons argan oil
  • 6 tablespoons aloe vera
  • Mix and apply from the ends of the hair to the root
  • Remove all excess with shampoo after 30 minutes

For my next article at the request of many readers I will prepare a super report on face masks that interests women so much to be more and more beautiful and look radiant naturally.

I invite you if you have a friend who has damaged hair and you want to improve it share with the social buttons this wonderful recipe that can help your new hairstyle,

You will help me spread these techniques and your friend to improve her hair and hair.

I hope these tips to keep your hair healthy give you a good result and I await your comments.

Video about the different Hair Masks that you can do fast: