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María Pombo has found the hairstyle with braids ideal for long bob haircuts

Pincha en la imagen para descubrir todos los cortes perfectos para el pelo largo.

Of all the easy hairstyles that we are going to see this 2020 among the hair trends, we are left with the last one that has worn Maria Pombo On Instagram.

It's about a braided hairstyle boxer style that will come back strongly this spring and with which he has shown that long bob haircuts They have the ideal length to continue making all kinds of haircuts. (For some reason the midi mane is the favorite of the famous).

The influencerWith his still recent change of look, he didn't think he could do this hairstyle in his hair, but the stylist Vir Martín has shown him that it can be done and that he also feels great. "Happy with my braids. I thought that with short hair it was impossible …" wrote the smallest of the Pombo next to the publication.

Pure beauty inspiration for when you don't know how to comb your hair to go to the office, to travel, for a night look, to go to the gym … You are braids They are the most versatile and comfortable you can do to your hair, they are suitable for both girls with or without bangs, for curly or straight hair, and they favor all faces since being clear, all factions are balanced.

How to prepare the mane?

The first step to get perfect braids is dcompletely tangle dry hair. Then, with a comb, you have to separate the hair in two parts with the stripe in the center to look for the symmetry of the hairstyle. Uses a texturizing spray If your hair is very thin or layered and easily escapes. To finish you will only have to make two root braids on each side with this tutorial.

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