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Make your own bath bombs for a super relaxing shower

Make your own bath bombs for a super relaxing shower

The second recipe It is a revitalizing pump and is great for sensitive skin. What do you need?

Mix 100 g of sodium bicarbonate, 1 ½ tablespoons citric acid, 15 drops of essential oils, 4 teaspoons of marigold oil and a touch of Orange zest. Compress the dough into small pastry molds and let stand for a week for a crispy effect.

How to make bath bombs to use in the tub

Here you can use all the colors you want to dye the water so follow the steps to the letter!

Combine 1 cup of sodium bicarbonate and ½ cup of citric acid. Then moisten the mixture with a tablespoon of Water that you will gradually integrate and divide into three parts, in different containers. To each one you will add some drops of your favorite color and essence. Then, compact the mixture in layers on a plastic sphere, let it dry in a cool and humid place for two days and enjoy your relaxing bath.

If you want to make one much more stimulating bath bomb, repeat the same step with natural dyes, such as carrot oil, and adds lemon zest and fresh essential oils. Before compressing, add some chamomile or lavender flowers.