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Mahogany hair what tone to wear? Dark, coppery? More than 30 photos with ideas

Mahogany hair what tone to wear? Dark, coppery? More than 30 photos with ideas

Mahogany hair is one of the shades that many women choose to change the color of their hair. We show you photographs that can be inspiring.

Dark mahogany hair

Dark mahogany hair feels better at women with medium or brown skin. However, those that are very light skin can make them look too pale. This color also feels great at women with green eyes Because it highlights a lot of color.

Here we leave you one photo gallery for you to be inspired by dark mahogany hair tones:

Light mahogany hair

However, the light mahogany color is the one that best suits women with the clearest complexion. It also feels very good to light eyes and is always a much more natural color than dark mahogany hair. Another idea is to make you a darker mahogany hair and add some highlights or wicks in a lighter shade.

Here we leave you one photo gallery for you to be inspired by light mahogany hair tones:

Mahogany hair vs copper hair

The mahogany hair It enters the range of redheads but, with a clear difference, the hair tone is more pulling a rich red color than the orange one that defines the coppery tones. Mahogany, we could say, that combines shades in brown and red "width =" 600 "height =" 398 "srcset =" 600w, https: // blogmujeres. com / wp-content / uploads / 2016/05 / hair-mahogany-768x510.jpg 768w, 300w, https: // 1100w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px "/></p>
<p>There are stylists that define certain hair colors <strong>depending on the time of the year</strong>. The reason, that according to the season a certain hair tone is recommended, is because the skin tone also varies. For example, mahogany hair would be the ideal coloration (in dye, colored bath or wicks) for the months of Winter, Summer and Spring Summer when the complexion usually has a tan or semi-tan tone, for very light skin tones it is better Check with a stylist so you can determine if it is too dark.</p>
<p>For those who want a<strong> coppery hair</strong> more than mahogany, it is important to know that it is usually better in those who are blonde in a natural tone, since in dark and dark colors it can be difficult. In turn, it is a color tone that usually favors those who have a light skin tone.</p>
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Mahogany hair dye or wicks?

If you are going to change your hair color for the first time to a mahogany tone, you have to be very sure of what you want to do and how that concrete tone can stay so that you do not take a great impact to see you.

First, we recommend that you talk to a stylist So I recommend the right shade of mahogany dye that best suits you depending on the hair tone you have and your type of complexion. It is important to keep these two variables in mind because they will be the ones that directly influence the result.

If you are not completely sure of the step you are going to take, you can always start with some wicks in mahogany tones to see you with this color. You can choose different shades of mahogany depending on the color of your hair and the results you are looking for, whether you want them to give more light as if you prefer wicks that go unnoticed or that generate a great contrast in your hair.

This could be a preliminary step so that you can take the dye step with greater confidence and knowing which mahogany tone is the one that suits you best.

If you are already clear about your tone, you can evaluate the option to include some wicks of another lighter shade on your hair to be able to give it more luminosity and volume. These are details that you can consult with the professional who is going to apply the dye so you can see how it would look.

Different shades of mahogany

In the images that we have shown you throughout the article, and those that you can see later in the gallery, show us how there are different shades of mahogany that you should evaluate to find the one you like best.

Photo of .elsie * cake. on Flickr

On the one hand, there are mahogany tones that simply tint or shine the hair; on the other hand, you can find mahogany tones that create a completely different look, cone red tones of various intensities They can favor a lot.

If it is the first time that you are going to dye this color or you are not sure with the hue you have chosen, do not hesitate to check with your stylist or hairdresser, because it will be able to see details that can go unnoticed. For example, it is important to consider what is the base color of your hair and what is the color you want to achieve, this way it will help you choose the right shade for you to get it.

In turn, it is important that you consider how the health of your hair. It is not the same a healthy and strong hair, one that has gone through many dyes and that some of them have been harmful. This will help you to know if it is the right time to dye or if you have to wait a little or give a good cut to your hair.

On the other hand, for after you have applied the dye, get used to making a hair care routine. It is essential and essential that you hydrate your hair well, that you be careful to expose it to excessive heat (dryers, irons …) so as not to dry it excessively, among other cares that your stylist can recommend.

Hairstyles with mahogany hair

The sensational thing about hair coloring is that it will always give you the feeling that you are creating a hairstyle completely new, different, with which to wear your new color.


As you will see, mahogany tones can also be sensational for create very elegant looks, daring, simple, sensual … It is a hair tone that can greatly favor and make you very striking.

In addition, to this coloring you can also go adding different wicks and tones so you can create a greater sense of volume, of liveliness in your hair. This is something completely personalized but we recommend that you take it into account so you can get a sensational look.

Makeup for looks with mahogany hair

The makeup for those who have mahogany hair, or redhead in any of its aspects, it is important that you take great care to find a Balance between the vividness of hair color and the different trends in makeup.

For the eyeshadow, Schwarzkopf stylists have clear preferences for shades such as green but there are many more that you can use. For example, it has a range of shades in golden and coppery tonesYou can also use earthy colors that can favor the eye and hair tone.

For those who want a contrast look, the eye shadows that you can use are much more striking like blue, turquoise or lilac. Another option would be to change the eye shadows for an eyeliner of this tone, which is also very simple to use and practical.

Refering to mascara Choose one in brown tones, which lengthens and enhances your look.

To color your cheeks and / or your lips opt for soft and natural tones such as peach, apricot or coral.

More than 30 photos of Mahogany Hair – Dark, light and coppery

In the gallery of images that we present below you will be able to see more photographs of mahogany hair in different shades. Red tones that will inspire you so that you can see how it can be combined, how it feels according to the type of complexion and which of those tones would be the most suitable for each of you in a concrete way.

Remember, to be able to see the image gallery all you have to do is click on the photo below and help you with the arrows on the sides, so you can go from photo to photo and see the entire selection.

If you have any questions with your future mahogany hair or for those who are already redheads, leave us a comment and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Mahogany Hair – More than 30 photos of dark, light and coppery mahogany

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