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Mac and Barbie create the best lipstick of the year and it's for everyone

Mac y Barbie crean el mejor labial del año; ¡le queda bien a todas!

For the past couple of years, those who handle Barbie have been doing really amazing things: since launching a line called Role Models to recognize the most important women in the world, even dolls in rough chairs, with prostheses and different skin colors. Now, once again surprises us with a new campaign alongside one of the greats of makeup.

The creative geniuses at Mac Cosmetics and Barbie have teamed up to create a collection of lipsticks that look good on any girl. You have to see them and have them!

This is the best fusion of the year

Collection of lipsticks created by mac and inspired by Barbie

Mac has an initiative called International Beauty Creators and Creators, which is dedicated to naming new lipsticks inspired by different icons and characters from pop culture and this year they chose Barbie as the protagonist.

The tone was intended for any girl

Pink lipstick shades created by Mac and inspired by Barbie

The shade is a bubblegum pink that Barbie has been wearing for years, but she will also have a matte finish one that can be worn at different times, from an evening party to going to college or work. According to Gregory Arlt, director of makeup art for Mac, the shade brings nostalgic sensations and suits any skin tone very well.

@BarbieStyle Mac Maker Lipstick is a truly universal pink that works on all skin tones. You can use it for a look everyday or for a more playful and avant-garde.

The packaging will also make you fall in love

Lipstick packaging created by Mac and inspired by Barbie. It has shades of pink with gold

If the color already impresses you, then you have to see the packaging. Unlike any of the brand's lipsticks that are in dark colors, this one will be in gold tones and will have details in pink, you know, to give it a touch of Barbie. If you want to buy them, just click here.