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Look 10 times when Alicia Keys comes out without makeup

Alicia Keys sin maquillaje

The singer and songwriter, winner of Grammys and icon of the R&B American pop, Alicia Keys, surprised in May 2016 with an emotional letter where she left her makeup forever, explaining that “she would dedicate her life and time to love herself as she is, without pressure to“ cover ”anything of her face and soul "

Since then the press and fans do not stop following their steps; some waiting to see her return to makeup, and many others applauding each of her outfits where she boasts her beautiful natural features. Would you dare to change radical? Be inspired by the wise words of this talented singer.

“I don't want to cover anything again; neither my face, nor my mind, nor my soul, nor my thoughts and dreams, nor my battles or my emotional growth. Nothing".

1. Red carpet of the BET Awards

brunette woman with trubant on her head and black blouse

On June 26, Alicia appeared at the African-American entertainment awards, BET Awards.

2. Then on stage at BET Awards

orange jacket woman with guitar on stage

Then, on the same night he shone on the stage, also without a drop of makeup.

3. In broadcast radio for BET Experience event

woman with black turban and radio glasses

The day before, on June 25, he appeared on a radio show of the same event.

4. For a TV show in Italy

brunette woman with colorful turban and big earrings

On June 12, Alicia was in Italy for the television show Che Tempo Che Fa.

5. Here at a Paris airport

curly hair brunette woman with baby in arms

So Alicia got off the plane with her son Gemini Genesis, at the airport of Charles Gaulle, Paris.

6. On stage for the Champions League final in Milan

Curly hair woman with microphone in stadium

One of his first big events where Alicia was for the first time without makeup on stage, was the UEFA soccer final, which took place in the city of Milan.

7. In NBC event Universal Upfront, 2016

woman with collected curly hair and large earrings

That's how smiling Alice appeared on May 16 for an event on the NBC television network.

8. And so for the Saturday Night Live variety show

brunette woman with curly hair squatting

Totally fearless and self-confident, Alicia Keys has mastered “no makeup,” as she did for this promotional presentation of her presentation for the American variety show, Saturday Night Live.

9. In the show “Dear Mama” of Vh1

brunette woman with white turban and piano

Show in which he paid tribute to his mother for an event called “Dear Mama” (Dear Mom), from the American music channel VH1.

10. And finally on your Instagram account

Brunette woman with curls on a balcony of a city

Without a doubt, every day we admire more the natural beauty of this talented singer through the photos she shares in her networks; Always happy and smiling without fear of being seen without makeup.