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Long hair hairstyles of men that make them irresistible

peinados hombre pelo largo

long hair man hairstylesNowadays it doesn't matter what style you wear as long as you feel comfortable or comfortable with what you wear. This applies to both clothes and hair and the different hairstyles that a person can do, in this case. Long hair man hairstyles.

It is very normal that when you think about hairstyles for men you always conclude that they should be short-haired. But now this is not a rule since there are many long hair hairstyles for men They are great and make them look much better.

Long hair in boys has gained special importance in recent years, this is because as a society we are constantly building the concept of beauty and also of what it means to have a good hairstyle.

For all the above is that today we write this article in which we want to focus on long-haired boys and show them the best long hair hairstyles for men They can use. So keep reading dear friend because it's time for you to get the most out of that mane of yours.

Ideas with the best man hairstyles with long hair

One of the biggest changes of look that any boy can do is let his hair grow, this is because it is something different from what he is used to seeing and can be very striking for some girls. Having long hair allows you to play more with styles and that will give you better looks.

Long man hair, but with medium hair

The first of long hair hairstyles for men What we want to introduce you is the so-called half mane. It is a hairstyle that does not carry the hair to the shoulders but is still quite long considering other hairstyles, it is usually combed with a stripe in the middle and placing the hair behind the ears, giving the wearer a natural and fresh look.

Highly recommended for outings with friends or family, even to go to the movies with your partner.

In case you have medium hair and want to go to a formal event you should not be distressed. With the help of gel or some other product, comb your hair back completely, leave your forehead bare and your ears too.

This is a very elegant hairstyle that will allow you to show off your hair in many formal events, if you combine it with the right suit you will be the most striking of the whole event

with what to comb long hair men

If you are the type of guy who likes the bohemian atmosphere we recommend that you let your hair grow until it passes your shoulders. This mane can be accompanied by a subtle hair dye on the ends, what is called Californian style. This hair is usually loose and free, representing the spirit of the wearer.

Accessories for men's long hair

But if you want to add elements to this bohemian hairstyle you can always use a headband or a hair band if the day is very hot, remember to take good care of your hair, you will not want it damaged and unhealthy.

Another of the long hair hairstyles for men What you can use if you already have a long mane is a medium-height ponytail. Collect all your hair in the ponytail and do not put it so high but right in the middle, this will give you an aggressive and very striking look.

If the ponytail is not your thing you can always try a different ponytail. Use a small ponytail with a height that allows you not to have hair on your face and leave it clear.

This hairstyle lets the rest of your hair fall under the tail, giving you a very warrior style of some ancient era.

Video with collection of long hair man hairstyles

Images of long hair man hairstyles

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The end of long hair for men?

Of course not, these are just some of the long hair hairstyles for men You can find today. If you used any of the hairstyles we named on the list please tell us your experience and how you feel with your long hair.

Do not forget that if you liked the article and it was useful to share it with your friends who have a long hair and if you prefer them with a more modern and modern touch, the hipsters man hairstyles article are wonderful.