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Long acrylic toe nails are trending now

Las uñas largas de acrílico en los pies están oficialmente de moda

For women it is important to have beautiful and well-groomed nails; even going to have them cleaned, colored and massaged is like a relaxing therapy. The models can vary depending on the tastes of each one, but there are always women who exaggerate when they choose the size or shape.

Among the absurd beauty options for this summer are long acrylic toe nails, because who doesn't like “long nails”? Well, most of us are not attracted to them, but there are women who wear them with great pride. Take a look, who knows, maybe you might want to take them too.

The latest Instagram trend: acrylic toe nails!

Girl with acrylic nails on the feet in pink color

You can find them with the Longtoenails hashtag

Girl with litmus blue acrylic nails on her feet

They range from thematic models

Girl with acrylic toenails and pumpkin pattern

Even the ones with stones, bows or a mix of colors

Girl with long pink acrylic nails with stones

What makes them "attractive" is that they are long

Girl with blue acrylic nails on the feet

Very very long

Girl with pink acrylic toenails

Either you love or hate them; there is no middle ground

Girl with acrylic nails on the feet in white, orange and yellow

Would you wear long toenails?

Girl with long acrylic nails on her feet in blue tones