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Lip colors that favor light skin and brunettes too!

Lip colors that favor light skin and brunettes too!

Are you one of those who spend hours trying on lipstick counter to see which one suits you best, based on your skin tone? No more. At Glamor, we have found the ultimate solution that will save you time and money: lip colors that are suitable for light and brown complexion. Yasss!

The magic of these lipsticks It is that they are flattering in the cold and warm undertones, in addition to illuminating the face for a fresh look (not pale at all), without accentuating those features that we do not like so much. Find out what they are right now, and run TO-DOS!


It is a classic that will give the perfect touch of definition and volume to the mouth, balancing the face with the other proportions of the face. Remember that the perfect nude lip color for you, It is the one that most resembles your skin tone, in one or maximum two tones above.

Transparent gloss

Yes, yes and yes. They are a basic for any skintone and they do even better thin lips, Thanks to its juicy and enlarging effect! Using them is the solution to look younger and cooler without much effort, since you don't have to pre-outline.

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