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Let your hair down and let it go!

Revlon Professional

Long, very long. Longer. Even short hair they have to be long this spring. And with a lot of volume. This is the trend you should follow if you want to be fashionable. We don't say it, but better (email protected) (email protected) in the world.

Do you want to see it? Well read on.

Wavy mane
Franck Provost

This spring-summer long hair will be the real protagonists, worked with brushings, irons or curling irons to give them greater volume.

And nothing to smooth! They take the waves, big and marked in the style of the top-models of the 90s. Or blurred for a more casual look. In the case of the proposal of Franck Provost, for example, the waves to the water are worked with tongs.

It is obviously a look absolutely sexy, baroque, dazzling, bright and splendid colors. Pure femme fataleassures Schwarzkopf, which in its hairstyle proposals has been inspired by the trends seen on the catwalk. Seductive and sensual proposals that, more than show, hinted. Just think of the dresses of Dolce and Gabbana, Pucci, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli, more restrained than usual, or Jil Sander to understand the erotic load of these hairstyles.

Media almost long
Jean Louis David
Jean Louis David

In the case of half-lengths, these almost seem to exceed the shoulders and extend beyond. Jean Louis David propose for them a classic and timeless cut: the long square.

It consists of a square base degraded throughout the length to preserve movement and lightness. The bangs, asymmetrical, remain full to highlight the look.

In the photo on the left the model wears hair with loops from half length, with some wicks marked with the hairpin. In the photo on the right, however, the tips have been worked with the iron to leave them rigid, providing volume to the root so that it does not remain with a smoothed effect.

Short long and with a lot of volume

Although the long hair takes center stage, the truth is that Short hair is this season some of the most imaginative and beautiful we have seen.

Luís Llongueras, for example, proposes the collection Softy, some looks in which he mixes short and straight hair on the front with the somewhat longer neck area. For the most daring, the characteristic touches of asymmetry in measures, shapes and volumes, as well as curls marked with tongs.

Angel Alonso, director of Hair lounge, proposes a short, No problem, with volume on the head and nape in the air that provides a long hair effect that Ana, the model, looks great. The key? The cut, of course.

And it is that a good hairstyle always begins with a good cut. Explains it Angel Alonso when he says that the key to getting a flattering and versatile hairstyle «Is in the cut. A good cut adapted to the features and style of the person allows to wear the hair as is without the need for brushings or straightening, something essential in summer. And at the same time, with just a touch of hairdressing or an ironing pass, the image changes completely to adapt to each situation ».

Do not miss the video with the step by step of No problem. Surely you will like it!

And yes, we know, the collected, super-trend, we leave them for later. And you too, that we have not forgotten yous!