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Learn to make hairstyles with hair ties

Learn to make hairstyles with hair ties

bow hairstylesThe bow hairstyles normally they are usually seen more in girls than in adult women because of how beautiful they are and the style so fantastic that they give the little ones.

Of course, although we say that it is seen more in girls, many women choose this hairstyle as it was done in the past.

They are often seen in original hair of many women with very large ties made with their own hairs and instead others prefer to use some type of complement such as hair bands or headbands of all kinds of colors to facilitate the elaboration of a bow.

hairstyles with hair bows

In this article we will go a little further, and you will see step by step a hairstyle with a bow made with your own hair, a couple of videos to make the explanation more graphic and also a wide gallery of images with ties of all Colors to decorate your hair easily.

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How to make a hair with bow step by step

Although we are going to tell you step by step and in detail how to perform this type of hairstyle with ties does not mean that it is extremely complex to do, you can easily execute it at home and unless you sing a rooster; Take a good look at how to do it:

  1. Collect all your hair both from the back and sides, forming a ponytail at the top of the head.
  2. When you have everything collected, make sure it does not come loose using an elastic band. Take advantage of this rubber by pulling the hair through the rubber 2 times and the third time do not introduce the hair at all to be able to form a knot leaving the tips of your hair in the front.
  3. Now with the bun already created, divide it in half into two equal parts.
  4. And now with the tips of your hair what you have left loose you throw back in the middle of the separated bun creating a loop effect on your hair.
  5. If you see that you have left something loose in a loop, repeat the process until you get it to be more subject and if you do not try to put some forks that will surely keep you subject throughout the day.

Video tutorial to create a loop in your simple hairstyle

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