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Learn these 5 nail designs to show off in summer

Aprende a crear tú misma estos 5 diseños para presumir este verano 2016

One of the details that as women we are most interested in caring and keeping clean and tidy is the area of ​​our nails. So we look for one and a thousand ideas that inspire us to create new and more beautiful designs for every occasion.

And as the season change finally arrived, we took all our summer inspiration and got these 5 designs to show off a beautiful nail this summer. Learn with us to make them yourself with these easy tutorials!

1. Design Pic nic

brunette woman hands with red white and pink plaid design and cookies

Do it like this:

brunette woman hands with red white and pink plaid design

First paint the entire nail white, then two vertical pink lines, and on them two other pink lines of a roughly equal thickness. Once like this, you will have only two white boxes left; On them, guide yourself to paint the small pictures where the first pink lines crossed. It is much simpler than it seems if you use flat brushes, as they will help you create corners in your much more straight frames.

2. Ice cream nails

hands of brunette woman with glass of snow in her hands

Do it like this:

hands of brunette woman with melting snow nails

Use a pin (or some tool with a round tip) and with pastel-colored enamels you will start small dots, then join them together and achieve that effect of drops melting on your nails.

3. Citrus for heat!

brunette woman hands with yellow lemons nails

Do it like this:

hands of brunette woman with lemon slices design

The simplest and most beautiful design of all: file your nails until they are completely circular, on that curve you will paint a half circle of the yellow enamel that you like the most. Then with a thinner brush, paint with white a vertical line that divides the half circle, and two lines that divide the parts as if they were slices of cake. Finally create a crescent to give volume to your beautiful segments of lime.

4. Tropical summer on your nails

brunette woman hands with red white and pink plaid design

Do it like this:

white woman hands with palm nails

After painting the lighter background of your design, with a sponge you will gently paint with sky blue and lower with a stronger blue tone. Once finished you will trim half of a straw or straw and with it you can create curves for your palm trees. Finally add the details of the trunk with a thinner brush.

5. Follow the trendy of holographic

woman's hands with holographic nails

Do it like this:

hologram nail design tutorial

First paint your nails a darker color, or preferably galactic blue; then with a light layer of white or transparent glue, quickly and before it dries, glue a piece of metallic paper on the nail and press hard for half a minute. Then remove the paper and you will see how the bright hologram stays stuck on your nails.