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Lancaster solar and FitFlop sandals

Active Beauty draws 5 lots of Lancaster solar products like the ones you see in the picture

Yes, the month of July is already running out and we are closer to the day when we will carry out our most summery raffle: lots of solar cosmetics that protects us and repairs the damage of the sun on our skin and comfortable sandals with which to visit the most unexpected places while toning our muscles and improving our blood circulation … can you ask for anything else? Well, be lucky and be touched in the new draw for active beauty, because the products that we will raffle this July are: 5 lots with the 2011 novelties of solar products Lancaster and 8 pairs of sandals Fitflop. A very summery gifts right?

If you continue reading we will give you more details on how to participate and the specifications of each of the products drawn … Good luck!! All the people that this July leave a comment on any post or a question in beautyQuestions, beautyDematologist questions or beauty Questions to the plastic surgeon will enter the lottery of 5 lots of solar products Lancaster And it makes us very excited to get around these solar products because precisely this year Lancaster celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its solar range. Undoubtedly this is the brand that, in addition to sunscreen, is an icon of glamor, luxury and summer. Sure if you do memory Lancaster He has been with you for many summers of your life … People who participate in active beauty with your comments or questions enter the lottery of 5 lots of solar products Lancaster, each valued at more than € 130, consisting of:

  • Sun Care Oil-Free Milky Spray It is an iconic format of Lancaster which is currently presented, as a novelty, in jumbo format: 400ml. An original size, attractive and ingenious whose practical packaging incorporates a spray system in the form of a gun and two levels of protection SPF 6 and SPF 15. It certainly answers that question we always ask ourselves: why don't sunscreens do more big? Your price: € 42.5.
  • After Sun Damage Recovery Sun Age Control It is an after-sun treatment to reduce the harmful effects of sun exposure on the skin such as pigmentation spots and dryness. That is possible because it includes a technology that acts at the cellular level. Your price: € 42.95.
  • Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 Sun Age Control It is a protective cream, authentic treatment for the body, which combines anti-aging efficacy, an effective barrier against the sun and a pleasant sensory experience. Its price: € 44.90.

We raffle health and fashion with FitFlop sandals

Active Beauty draws 8 pairs of FitFlop sandals

Have you already subscribed to active beauty? Not yet?… Well, don't waste time and subscribe now! If you do it this July, you can win a pair of sandals Fitflop color Blueberry, Flamingo or Strawberry. With this gift for (email protected) (email protected) of active beauty, Fitflop wants to celebrate the opening of a corner in The English Court of the Portal de l’Àngel de Barcelona. Footwear Fitflop It was specially designed as a daily solution to the practice of exercise for all people with busy schedules. FitFlop MicrowobbleboardTM technology (with different densities depending on the area) increases the activity of the leg and buttock muscles at each step, helps improve posture, reduces impact and decreases the concentration of foot pressure when walking. All the models Fitflop They carry the seal of approval of the APMA (American Podiatric Association) and are highly recommended by doctors and health and sports professionals worldwide. If you want to participate in the raffle of a pair of these sandals you only need to be a subscriber of active beauty. If you are not, what are you waiting for? you only have Subscribe to active beauty by email by entering this link.

The winners on August 1 in this blog …