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Know and avoid the main collagen destroyers of your skin

Know and avoid the main collagen destroyers of your skin

Collagen is a component that gives structure to our body and is also responsible for our skin looks firm and smooth. However, the synthesis of this substance (ie the absorption by our body of this substance) can be affected by various factors, known as "collagen destroyers". Next, we help you to know and avoid these terrible enemies of your skin, so that you keep it structured and therefore, young and beautiful.

The Consequences of Collagen Decrease

We find collagen in large proportions throughout the skin of our body, which forms the tissue, which together with other compounds, are those that give shape and structure to the skin, it is also responsible for this, is smooth and firm to the touch.

Therefore, we must avoid and be careful with all those factors that can cause the reduction and destruction of the precious collagen, since this is what causes sagging skin, lack of firmness, and can lead to unpleasant gills.

But sagging is not the only consequence of collagen decline. Much of the guilt of the appearance of wrinkles and the cetrine or pale color of the complexion, is precisely the lack of this element in our body.

Finally, stress that collagen is not only needed to maintain the existing structures of our skin, but to create new layers. For example, if you get a wound and you lack collagen, it is likely that it takes much longer than normal to heal, and that the scar is much more visible in the future, than if you had optimal levels of collagen in your body.

All this shows that the decrease in collagen is not only a health condition, but it can significantly affect the appearance of our skin. For all these reasons, it is very important to know and avoid collagen destroyers.

Collagen destroyers

Among the main collagen destroyers that you can avoid in your day to day are:

  • Tobacco: Smoking significantly reduces the synthesis of collagen, as has been proven in a recent study with smokers and non-smokers; This is because smoking causes the creation of free radicals, which in turn are causing the destruction of collagen.Know and avoid the main collagen destroyers of your skin. Remember that you have the best option in Beltrán centers 96 348 78 20
  • Vitamin C deficiency diets: This micronutrient is essential for the synthesis of collagen and the maintenance of its structure. Therefore a lack thereof, causes the weakening of the organs that need collagen. Give your skin the vitamin C it needs! There's also creams They incorporate it and they will be great for you!
  • Eat a high glycemic diet: that is, with a large presence of simple sugars and low fiber content, since this favors the oxidation and weakening of proteins such as collagen. Therefore, it is best to choose foods with low glycemic index.
  • Excess of solar radiation: it has been shown that solar radiation produces alterations in the collagen fibers of the skin, which favors the early development of wrinkles or the accentuation of those that are naturally generated by aging. ¡¡Always protect your skin from the sun!
  • Stress: the dreaded stress, also negatively affects the collagen because it fragments the fibers that form it, so, not only smoking is causing the loss of collagen, but also bad rest habits or excessive exercise Intense physical, can lead to the loss of it. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid factors that increase free radicals and accentuate the presence of oxidants in our body.

Know and avoid the main collagen destroyers of your skin. Remember that you have the best option in Beltrán centers 96 348 78 20

These are some of the main collagen destroyers that we can avoid by simply leading a healthier lifestyle, avoiding some toxic habits such as tobacco, trying to rest the necessary hours, doing physical activity on a regular basis, but without going over and with a proper diet and varied, free of antioxidants such as sugars.

In addition, it is necessary take care of exposure without sun protection and do not overdo it when we go brown when we go to the beach or the pool, since ultraviolet radiation can seriously damage the collagen fibers.

In short, there is no miraculous way to get more collagen, it is simply about being careful with certain things, creating healthy routines and being very happy.