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Keys to go to the hairdressing salon in complete safety for all

Now, all hairdressing salons can open their doors, something that we have all received with the maximum of joy but also with some concern … Impossible to maintain the safety distance in this case and both clients and, above all, professionals they are exposed to possible contagion. We explain the keys so you can go to the hairdresser in complete safety for you and your hairdresser or hairdresser.

If there are some professionals that we have missed these days of confinement, they have been, without a doubt, hairdressers.

We have been seeing how the roots became more visible, how coloring your hair does not offer the same results (not at all) as when a colorist does it…

And if, in addition, you wear a very short style, everything gets out of control in a few weeks … especially if the bloody virus has not warned you and caught you with the appointment for that same week of confinement, after a month of the last visit…

From here our most sincere tribute to these great professionals who get us to walk confident of ourselves because we know that we project the image we want to give …

These are the main safety keys in the hairdressing salon. If you want more information, you can read the Recommendations guide hygienic-sanitary COVID-19 for hairdressing salons presented by Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics).

At the moment this is a brief summary regarding the client:

  • you can only go if you have appointment. Also, this time, it is more important than ever that you respect the schedules because nobody can be in the waiting room
  • forget about going to the hairdresser if you have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19,
  • you have to go alonewhenever possible
  • you must bring your own mask, if you do not wear it, in the living room they will provide you with one, which you must carry at all times
  • there must be a distance of 2 meters between clients, both in the toilet and in the washbasin
  • the living room must have hydroalcoholic gel for you to use when you need it

Oh, and lastly, your data and the time of entry and exit of the room will be documented (with your consent) to be able to trace any infection chain, in case the health authority requires it.

To make it easier for you, we provide you with this video created by the Provalliance Group –which includes the salons Llongueras, Jean Louis David, Franck Provost and The Barber Company– that explains everything to you as a lot of clarity.

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